My comment for Dreaming 5GW Post “Polling the Intelligentsiasphere”

My comment isn’t showing up on this Dreaming 5GW post, so I will add it here.

In reply to a post by Curtis (of PhaticCommunion)…

What are the key concepts/terms for the immediate future (next 50 years) and consequently for the fifth generation of warfare?

…here is my contribution (with some better links):


Cognitive goods (a ZenPundit idea)

Opportunity Science (Businesss Pundit / Rob’s idea)

Leverage Factors

Loyalties (people,systems, ideas)

– Economy of Action and Force

Game Theory aka Deep Strategy

Quantum Computing

The Ideological civil war in the West

Effect of longer Life Spans / Longevity / transhumanism

– network orientation and self-organization

Transnationalism – on both the Left and the Right (here here here here here here here here here)

– Fairness: Opportunity based or outcome based?

– Political Islam and the 21st Century World


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