Fuck the Spanish and Their Lawfare

From Concurring Opinions:

Spain’s recent indictment of 40 Rwandan army officers on international criminal charges raises interesting questions about the appropriateness of trying such cases in the domestic courts of nations with little connection to the conflict from which these crimes arose.

What’s this?

The charged Rwandans were not responsible for the 1994 Rwandan genocide (Hutus killing Tutsis), but for acts by Tutsi-led rebels who defeated the Hutu extremists responsible for the genocide.

Yes, while the “brave” Spanish and the rest of the world sat by doing nothing other then making speeches, some Tutsi-led rebels fought and beat those running the genocide.

The Spanish have decided to indict for war crimes those who fought and defeated the genocide.


The article covers more.

6 Responses

  1. Can Spain do (or not do) anything right?

  2. It does not seem so.

    After I wrote the post and went to bed, I listened to NPR (maybe BBC overnight). Spain has already said it won’t recognize the new free Kosovo.

    And they cut and ran from Iraq to appease Al-Qada.

    On the other hand, I like the movie Barcelona. Hmmm…that was made by Americans though.


  3. Spain is a very corrupt country , and in Europe apart from the eastern block one of the poorest. Although the goverment massages all the statistics. I agree with the starting of the topic, but disagree with purpleslog. Kosovo should not be regocnized , internationally. Maybe Spain is doing the right thing for a long time

  4. You’re against punishing people who counter ethnic cleanse?

  5. Yes Jacob. I am against punishing the people who countered the ethnic clensing.

    The moral corruptness of spain shows. They did nothing when the ethnic cleansing was going on but make speeches.

    Now, they are actually using lawfare targeted against those who ended the genocide because those ending the genocide did not act 100% morally pure

  6. I think most of the world agrees that stopping genocide is good. But at the same time once it is stopped you can’t go and do the same thing that happened to you. It certainly goes against the concept of Rwandan gacaca justice.

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