Alternative Idea for Coast Guard’s National Security Cutter

As covered here (and elsewhere), the Coast Guard is having problems with getting a new production ready ship to fit the role of National Security Cutter.

My suggestion is this: Buy instead ships of the Visby Class Stealth Corvettes used by the Swedish Navy. The Swedish Navy is essentially a Coast Guard aka a Littoral Navy.

Swedish Navy's Stealth Corvettes: HMS Visby and HMS Helsingborg

There is a Wikipedia page.

The capabilities are layed out nicely here and in photos here, here and here.

Here is a YouTube video in action:

Here is a video overview of the Swedish Navy and its PoV (I love how it starts out with a Viking Raider):

This Video of the Stealth Corvette has a disco beat driving it (sounds la disco remix of the Rocky theme song):

One more for the road:

6 Responses

  1. Very good idea to have the National Guard piggy-back on the words of other “National Guards” in Europe.. Then the flip side of the question: to what extent should the National Guard explicitly model itself on a European army?

  2. The geek in me loves the technology. The taxpayer in me loves the fact that Sweden took on the development costs and associated risks.

  3. Why would it be such a bad idea to buy a Swedish ship?
    They work quite well as a matter of fact.

  4. It would not be a bad idea; I think it would be a good idea for the reasons I mentioned above.

  5. Sadly…2+ years later and no new Coast Guard Cutter. They should buy 20+ of these.

  6. Another alternative…–04_fich_tecnica_es

    The New Spanish Offshore patrol vessels…


    Two of the main goals were to develop a ship with a small crew and high quality of life. The ship has been designed to operate with 35 people capable of carrying out most of the basic tasks of the ship. Habitability distribution is summarised as follows:

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