Recent Movies From Netflix

At first, I subscribed to watch the big Hollywood movies that I hadn’t seen in theaters. I quickly realized most of those films sucked.

Instead, I have gotten the most value from Netflix by viewing obscure or indy films, and TV series from cable (e.g. The Wire, Sleeper Cell, Rome).

For a change though I watched three newish to DVD Hollywood drams:

Beowulf (a nifty comic book like update/adaptation of the old Story)
Gone Baby Gone (a gritty layered thriller)
Eastern Promises (human trafficking and the Russian mob in London

I highly recommend them.


3 Responses

  1. The Wire is the best cop show ever made. Actually the best drama ever made. Actually the best personality driven show ever made. Get your Carcetti for Mayor shirts at (I don’t work for said website)

  2. Eastern Promises was a fine film. The naked bath house attack scene had a bit too much sausages and eggs though.

  3. That was a great – gritty and realistic – fight scene!

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