Mystery Tom Clancy Novel? WTF is “So They Went and Elected a Jewish President”

Does anybody know anything about a Tom Clancy novel entitled: So They Went and Elected a Jewish President?

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  1. I don’t know anything about it but it looks suspicious to me.

    Did find this though. Look in the comments (can’t miss it).

    Very odd.

  2. For those not wanting to follow the link:

    The following spam is repeated multiple times:


    Posted by: TOM CLANCY | March 21, 2008 01:51 PM

    There is a forum at too:

  3. Wow. So, this seems to be some hoax? How did they get it listed on Hacked, maybe?

  4. I just noticed that the publisher is Booksurge which is Amazon’s in-house on demand publishing company.

    I’d say that makes it almost certain this is a hoax. The real Tom Clancy is with G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

  5. Good catch on the publisher. This is a scam.

  6. FYI: The fake book has finally been removed.

    I don’t know what to make of this though!

  7. I was just in a used book store and Tom Clancy walked in, or at least he said he was. It was actually pretty funny, he explained that he was not “the” Tom Clancy, but a different one and that he published the book on his own. He was trying to sell it to the store to put on their shelves. He commented that the book was selling well on the internet and he wanted to expand. Anyhow, i was curious so i searched for the book and this was the first link i found so i thought i would share.

    • I have a copy of the trade paperback book. I did buy it over the internet because I thought it was by the Tom Clancy who wrote all the Jack Ryan books. Opps. Anyway it was a good story & a good read so I don’t consider myself ripped off.

  8. He should have used a different name. He is clearly trying to profit off the other Clancy.

  9. I actually have the Real Book in my hand. I got this Book yesterday to sell on amazon and lo and behold I cant list it. Amazon has it blocked.

    If I didnt have the real book I wouldnt have been here.
    Maybe I will sell it on Ebay for 1 million since it seems to be a hoax book. Yet I have an actual copy
    I t was printed by IUniverse in 2006

    The Last words on the back cover says. Mr. Clancy is retired from the U.S. Navy. He resides in Maryland.
    also it says
    The Story of the first Jewish President is a lighthearted romp that takes place in the Nation’s Capital and focuses on the Presidents Father and a cousin who is a struggling movie maker.

  10. Interesting. He should have published under a different name (e.g. pretend John is his middle name):

    Tom J. Clancy
    T.J. Clancy
    T. John Clancy
    Thomas John Clancy.

    Since he didn’t, he was try to cash in.

  11. The celebrated Tom Clancy’s name is Thomas L. Clancy. My name is Thomas M. Clancy, We both write under our common name: Tom Clancy,
    I have been known as Tom Clancy for over 27 years with the U.S. Navy. I have authored Navy newsletters for years under this name.
    My latest book So They Went and Elected A Jewish President is a comedy about failed assassination attempts on a Jewish President. If anyone doesn’t like the book I have the following suggestions: (1) Don’t buy it, (2) If it is a gift, return it, (3) examine your inner self to determine whether you might have some latent anti-Semitism that makes you unhappy with the book. But don’t tell me to change my name when I write a book. Tom Clancy

    • While I probably wouldn’t have ordered it if I hadn’t thought it was by the other Tom Clancy it was an enjoyable book & a good read. Thanks for writing it.

  12. “Tom Clancy”:

    I stand by my conclusion that you are trying to cash in on the real novelist named Tom Clancy.

    I guess that must be be my “latent anti-Semitism”. Aw, look at the poor guy being victimized:-(

    Go away asshole.

  13. The celebrated author Tom Clancy has not written a book in several years.
    All of the recent books are titled Tom Clancy’s …something or other…while at the bottom in small print is the note that it was written by someone else, presumably with an over-the-shoulder review and assistance by Tom Clancy.
    I have been accused of cashing in on his name while he seems to be cashing in on his own name.
    What strikes me as interesting is that he writes about the military while I don’t believe he was ever in the military. I (the other Tom Clancy) don’t write about the military although I am retired after over 27 years in the U.S. Navy.
    Yes, I am not the ‘real’ Tom Clancy; I am only ‘the other’ Tom Clancy.

  14. ha ha i find it hilarious people feel the need to defend a man who has signed some of the largest book deals ever and is wealthy beyond need from being ‘used’ and ‘cashed in on’ to the ‘other’ tom clancy beware a visit from rainbow 6 coming to collect

    • It wasn’t so much to protect the “real” Tom Clancy (he has plenty of $$$ and doesn’t read my blog), but to prevent some regular folks for loosing some $$$ for a non-real Tom Clancy book.

      Maybe the other Tom Clancy is legit. If so, he shouldn’t have done comment spam like: “YOU CAN GET MY NEW BOOK TITLED “SO THEY WENT AND ELECTED A JEWISH PRESIDENT” THROUGH AMAZON.COM”.

  15. The “real” Tom Clancy is releasing a new novel in December, the continuation of the “Teeth of the Tiger” series.

    To the Navy Tom Clancy, thanks for your service.

    The “famous” Tom Clancy was in the Army ROTC in college, but was separated from the service due to bad eyesight. If you look at the pics of him and the coke-bottle-bottom glasses he wears, this is eminently believable.

    Unfortunately, Barnes&Noble and Borders still have you two confused.

    • I will most likely buy the new book.

      The prior Teeth of the Tiger was both interesting (as a 5GW-ish example of a fictional pro-USA response to the Islamofascist 4GW being waged against the USA),and frustrating (the editing in my edition was terrible with passages repeated and the like).

    • As for the other Tom Clancy, since he was trying to cash in on somebody else’s name/skills, was doing comment spam, and suggested that since I was calling him out on it that I must be an anti-semite, he can go fuck himself.

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