My Favorite TV Shows

Inspired by some recent lists, here is my list the Top 10 TV Shows….Ever! The list is from my PoV and in no particular order (yeah I am cheating and combing a few shows into one entry):

Homicide: Life on the Streets

The Wire

Magnum, P.I.

I Spy


Star Trek / Star Trek: TNG / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine



Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Angel

South Park

3 Responses

  1. You didn’t put Firefly?

  2. I liked firefly, but it was one less then one full season. All the shows on this list had many seasons.

    I would put firefly on a list of shows cancelled to soon like:

    Now and Again
    Cupid (but Ihear it is being re-made)

    ..and especially Sports Night

  3. I would remove Lost from this list now given the F-U-Fans way it ended.

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