Well if the USGOV/DoD is hiring…

…I am still looking for work!

From Danger Room:

A study, written for U.S. Special Operations Command, suggested “clandestinely recruiting or hiring prominent bloggers.”

Oops…I missed the word “prominent” the first time I read it!

6 Responses

  1. They’re only thinking of this *now*??
    Would anyone be willing to wager that the Chinese, Russians, Saudis, *etc.* have been doing this for years already?

  2. This just shows the US really sucks at infowar aka Strategic Communications. After 9/11 all elements of power should have been explored and ramped up.

    I seem to remember back several yeara the DoD wanted to create a Strategic Influence Office but it was quickly scuttled do to perceived congressional, State, and public opposition

  3. Hmm…Slightly OT:


    Perhaps if they really[?] want to make an “impact”[?]

  4. The link is interesting. I have thought about doing a few 5GW podcasts, but have been too lazy to go further on the idea. This would be a nice shortcut.

  5. Here the wikipedia link:


    Here is the site itself:


    Old podcast can be gotten through itunes too.

  6. Of course, why can’t some wealthy or connected Brian Crozier-type do this on his or her own?

    Where are all those supposedly immensely wealthy and powerful Right-Wing Think Tanks when they’re needed?

    I mean, this is America (or the Anglosphere [or the West]); it’s not as if the *government* and taxpayers’ money need *always* be involved, right? Civil society and all that? For all we know, maybe it’s already being tried or been tried.

    (At least I would like to hope so….)

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