Is there any interest in a 5GW Podcast Series?

Jayson pointed me to Blog Talk Radio which is a sort of a free podcast/call-in-radio hybrid hoster/distributer/archiver.

Is there any interest in this little corner of the blogosphere is a series of 5GW themed call-in podcasts with a blog post for follow-up discussion?

I am thinking I could host episodes each with a different 5GW topics and a different co-host or guest for each episode (the focus would be on the guest or topic, not on me). Episodes could be about thirty to sixty minutes.

What do you think? Any topic suggestions for episodes? I am assuming a five episode series to begin with.

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6 Responses

  1. I’d be quite interested. The whole theory needs to be fleshed out a bit more, and I think the audio medium would be fertile ground.

  2. Some more thoughts:

    Some thought s
    – keep them to 30-45 minutes
    – try to make a transcript for web searches and follow-up discussions

    Ideas for Guests (no I haven’t asked anybody)?
    – Any of the Dreaming 5GW Co-Blogger
    – ZenPundit
    – Mountain Runner
    – Shlok
    – Chet Richards?
    – Fabius Maximus
    – Eddie of Hidden Unities
    – Thomas Barnett?
    – John Robb?
    – T.X. Hammes?
    – John Arquilla?
    – Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom (Starfish authors)?
    – Nassim Nicholas Taleb?

    Ideas for Topics?
    – 5GW Primer: Definitions, Styles, Types
    – 5GW as part of xGW
    – 5GW and the OODA
    – SEIs and SEIs as a 5GW Actor
    – Memetic Engineering and 5GW
    – Barnettian 5GW
    – Historical 5GW such as the US Anti-Communist 5GW
    – 5GW and the State
    – Kinetics, War, XGW and 5GW
    – “Unrestricted Warfare” concept as State Based 5GW Style
    – 5GW Nuts and Bolts
    – Black Swan and5GW
    – 5GW and Lawfare
    – Future 5GW: Building the Military-Industrial-Syadmin-Complex
    – 5GW and the Clausewitzian “Trinity”
    – 5GW and the Media
    – 5GW is not 4GW, and why 4GW is not well understood
    – Shlok’s 5GW as Emergent Behavior

    Other ideas?

  3. Shlok is thinking along similar lines:

  4. Some thinking: If it’s going to be done it’s got to come out full force and not something adhoc. If its tied into SWJ, Barnett, Robb, ThreatsWatch, DNI, Richards, Lind, etc it could be potentially big and be beneficial for everyone involved.

    If its ad-hoc or hosted by Blog Talk, it loses some credibility off the bat. I’ll do some more thinking over the next week on how to best put a package together that starts with a hell of a bang and matches the high quality of the people involved.

  5. Ok Shlok. You are thinking bigger (and better) then I was. I’ll wait until I see with what you come up with before I proceed (or don’t proceed).

  6. Well, Shloky never came up with anything. I don’t check his blog anymore. For some reason, he began to ignore my interaction on his. Oh well. So I moved on. I can’t read everything I want to anyways.

    Anyways…with the Handbook of 5GW coming out…these should be considered again,

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