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    Ex-Chief Hegerty is Extorting the City of Milwaukee

    She was a do-nothing as a police chief – waiting until the last year of her term to try to effect some crime reduction (IMHO she was just trying to pad her resume for any post-chief consulting gigs) – and now she is suing the City of Milwaukee because her successor is paid more then she was:

    Milwaukee’s first female police chief contends that she was discriminated against when the Fire and Police Commission chose to pay her successor a higher salary than she received.

    Nannette Hegerty filed a gender discrimination complaint with the Equal Rights Division of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development this month, Assistant City Attorney Don Schriefer said Sunday.

    At stake could be thousands of dollars of back pay as well as a boost to Hegerty’s pension, which is based on her last three years of salary.
    Hegerty came to the chief’s job after serving as U.S. marshal in the eastern district of Wisconsin. She left earning a salary of $132,544. [Link: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

    I am not sure how somebody can sue to retroactively have their compensation raised for a contract that they voluntary entered into and have completed. That just seems wrong to me. It is a rip-off to taxpayers if city officials just cave to make their life more comfortable at the expense of the taxpayers and submit to her Lawfare/Extortion.

    What about her successor, Chief Flynn?

    Flynn was hired last year after 20 years as police chief of five different departments. Flynn’s salary of $143,881 is 8.5% higher than what Hegerty made, but less than the $155,000 he received in his previous position as police commissioner for Springfield, Mass.

    Hopefully, with the hiring of Flynn, the line of PC-driven Milwaukee Police Chiefs will stop.

    This lawsuit should be thrown out. She should be chastised by the press and forced to pay court costs.

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    1. […] prior Chief set up nothing like this. I hope her retro-lawsuit […]

    2. BL@# Me!

      Chief Hegerty came to office praising several of Milwaukees “Outstanding Officers” who were awarded medals of bravery for chasing a suspect and slipping on the ice….

      but it turned out those officers were really sledding on duty, became seriously injured, and made up false reports to cover their neglengence…and the chief went all over using their examples of the fine police force milwaukee has…

      then she found out she had been had too….and stuck her neck out for these loosers…so she fired them…and state law required we pay them salaries and benefits for up to 18 months while they appealed…

      if that is not extorting the city….what these officers did…I don’t know what is…

      Then there was the Captain Frankovis who sent out a memo calling for officers to willfully misuse their police powers against large groups of citizens….The memo centered around officer lutz, a man who shot mr. nabors who witnesses claimed was unarmed….People were upset about officer lutz…and he had the 3rd most abusive record on the MPD as per the Journal Sentinel…

      The memo alleged Lutz had received threats…but this was not illustrated in detail….If Lutz had been threatened, a crime would have been committed….If a crime was committed, one would expect a professional officer to call for the matter to be investigated, for suspects to be identified, and for an arrest to be made….

      But Frankovis asked every milwaukee officer to “Go out and make these peoples lives even more miserable”…in other words, use your police powers to inflict misery against “These People” and in regards to the alleged threats…do not investigate and enforce the law…retaliate and bully the community…

      So, Hegerty fired this officer whos memo violated Federal Law….

      Then came frank jude…

      CHief hegerty tried and tried to support the Police and again and again the MPD demonstrated substandard quality and overt corruption….

      Her Predesessor was paid a higher salary…she took a pay cut…and Chief Flynn was paid more than her….

      And you call that an extortion of the city?

      WHy did Milwaukee not have Psych testing for hiring officers?

      Because the Milwaukee Police Association opposed it

      WHy does milwaukee not have video cameras for the squad cars?

      Because the Milwaukee Police Association opposes it

      WHy does milwaukee pay officers after they have been fired and thus deter removing problem officers from the ranks?

      Because the Milwaukee Police Associaition demands it

      Chief Hegerty sought an early intervention system…as 16 year long national standard in creating quality policing and reducing misconduct….Why does milwaukee still not have one?

      Because the Milwaukee Police Association opposes it and negotiated with the city not to bring Milwaukee to the national levels of quality and professionalism…and even opposes modern equipment….

      Chief Hegerty raised the level of quality standards…when she first took office, she insisted the MPD met them….but they did not…

      She was not a lame duck Chief….She stood up for a department and tried to improve a department whos professional representation opposes the use of squad car videos and 15 year old national standards of policing…the only professional police orginization that actively seeks to reduce the quality of the department….

      Chief Hegerty felt if the professional standards were high, then officers would be justly proud to wear the badge….

      but being justly proud is not a concern for Captain Frankovis who issues a memo calling for illegal use of police authority, or those who went sledding on duty and put in for medals because of it, or those who beat frank jude then applied for overtime pay…nor the MPA who opposes video cameras in squad cars, firing officers for misconduct, opposes early intervention systems for the officer, psych testing, and a host of modern quality control standards of policing that have become national standards for almost 2 decades….

      Hegerty stuck to her guns to raise the quality of the Milwaukee Police by setting standards of professionalism, by leading by example, and by expecting her officers to take pride in high standards too….

      instead, they vote for the Dahmer Cop to represent them following the Frank Jude beating…the code of silence being prefered in our police culture than a code of honor….

      Hegerty made only one mistake as a chief….

      She really believed most officers had her level of professionalism and integrity and the truth of the matter is…few people in this world do….

    3. Paul,

      the core of my argument is:

      “I am not sure how somebody can sue to retroactively have their compensation raised for a contract that they voluntary entered into and have completed. ”

      There definitely problems with the MPD. The slow process in firing bad cops is one of them. The union is another (it would be better if wasn’t IEEE-style professional association to uphold the profession, rather then a trade union to protect the cops right or wrong).

      As we can see from the speed in which the new Chief is changing policing, there was plenty for Chief Hegerty to do. The problem was she didn’t.

      She didn’t face the so-called cruising problem (really neighborhood being taken over and vandalized by add hock youth criminals) until the end of her term – I guess she just missed it the previous summers.

      Anyways, that all doesn’t matter.

      My argument is legal argument. She voluntary entered into a contract. She completed the contract and was compensated in the mutually agreed upon manner. That’s it.

      By her suing (hoping to win the lottery), she used up even more public tax money and hoped that scared city officials would give her money (OPM) just to go away and leave them alone.

    4. I should have also updated this post: The ex-Chief suit was found to be without merit and dismissed.

      It still cost taxpayer money though for the courts.

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