Actors Types For Conflict and Global Relations

Note: This is a revamps of an earlier post and is in preparation for a new post

All Global Actors are Networks (aka relationships sets) of humans:

SBN state-based network – states or super-state organizations

KBN Kin-based network – people driven by familiar or tribal ties

SEI super empowered individuals or networks of super empowered individuals

MBN meme-based network – people driven by shared beliefs such as religion, culture, political ideology)

GBN Gene-Based or Gene-Influenced Network (reference discussion)

PDN purpose-driven network – e.g. business enterprises, media outlets, NGOs, social entrepreneurial organization, charities, PMC/PSC/PIC


Mashups – The union of 2 or more actors of different types which I will note with the union operator e.g. MBNuSEI

Overlaps – The intersection of 2 or more actors of different types which I will note with the intersection operator e.g. MBNnSEI

Am I missing any fundamental type of actor here?

7 Responses

  1. I am adding RLNs (Resource Linked Networks).

    Before revisiting this:

    – I have ordered and will read “Making Things Work: Solving Complex Problems in a Complex World”
    by Yaneer Bar-Yam

    – I have ordered and will read “The Exploit: A Theory of Networks” by Alexander R. Galloway and Eugene Thacker

    – I will re-read CGWs network posts

    – I will go through my social network books (The Tipping Point, Six Degrees, Linked, etc.)

    – I will revisit Bobbit’s book on the state

  2. Note: Maybe just change “network” to organization in order to simplify the concept.

  3. I should have one that is Geography based. Or would that fall under Resource Network. Yeah, I think so. Resource/Geography Based Networks (RGN).

  4. These networks are overlapping and have different weights/focus on any particular issue or conflict.

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