Schlitz Beer is Back?

Supposedly, Schlitz is being made again in bottles. Not the 1970-Present Schlitz often mocked as “schitz”, but the 1960’s (and before) recipe. It is isn’t available in Milwaukee yet, but I hope it is just a matter of time. That Schlitz was supposed to be pretty good (I have never tasted it though).

Schlitz had a good beer. They changed the formulation in the 1970’s to say money and the taste suffered. Sales tanked. Then a worker strike finished off the Schlitz company. Pabst now owns the rights.

I would love to drink some honest to god real Schlitz!

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  1. I’m glad to hear that someone has told you that
    Schlitz beer was a great tasting beer….Believe it,
    there was none better. How do I know this, because our family was in the beer business….
    We started our beer distributorship back before premiums were the thing, and
    that was with Greisideck Bros. Beer or St. Louis,
    Mo., and eventually led to our Schlitz Beer
    connections..There is an awful lot to tell you about
    the demise of that great Beer, but, better keep
    this short….Just want to confirm, yes, yes, yes–
    Schlitz beer had a great quality taste, and perhaps
    you may, or may not know, of the 7oz “little joe”..
    This pkg alone, jump started alot of drinkers in
    our area…..But of course, the Draft Beer was the
    big story–and that could get me to go on and on.
    We were a different kind of beer distributor back
    then, we were street people that actually went
    out and called on our accounts and met with all
    the consummers…..We listen to what they said..
    They themselves commented on the quality of
    the products..And, I say with alot of pride, we
    were in A-B’s (ST.Louis) backyard, and without
    a doubt, his biggest night mare….We ended
    up with about 93% of all the tap knobs in our
    buss. area….and that says something about the
    great taste of the product..Keep in mind, this was
    before alot of take homes came in to play..and
    the on site sales were really important..
    The demise of this great product had some long
    tales of alot of mistakes, but, the biggest lost
    was when we lost the leader of Schlitz. (death)
    Joseph E. was the man that had the ideas–
    and when he passed–so went the game plan.

    Sooo-all I can say. is GO FOR THE GUSTO


  3. Oh it’s back all right. I found it at my local liquor store (in Minneapolis). Just gotta look for it people!

  4. Supposedly, the 1960’s formula returns to Milwaukee today.

  5. I wonder if they are going to be distributing on the East Coast, I’m anxious to imbibe the old recipe.

  6. I think they will eventually…if interest hold. Schlitz was strongest in the midwest.

  7. Thank you Rich Kacera for your comments, Schlitz was a very fine beer and we welcome its return.

    As to the Griesedieck family and Busch family…

    May God Bless the Busch family and the Griesedieck family – they have been very generous and loyal to my alma mater Saint Louis University (Theology ’77). Everyone who has attended SLU owes a debt of gratitude to those fine families. Both my wife and I truly appreciated everything they have done. I have never heard anyone ever say an unkind word about either family – not even in jest. The respect and admiration by SLU students and alumni for those families just runs too deep.
    This just needed to be said.
    May peace be with you, always…
    Robert (Bob) and Anne Bruns
    Fullerton, California

  8. Do you know of any liquor stores that carry it that would be able to ship it to RI? Schlitz was my favorite beer way back when…

  9. I don’t. I bought it at Sendik’s an “upscale” grocer. You might try them. They might ship.

  10. I’m an old Milwaukee boy and visited the city last week. My nephew, a beer distributor, brought over a 12 pack of Schlitz. I grimaced because I remember how bad it was in the 70’s. Well, the old formula is back. It was one of the best beers I’ve ever tasted. Full flavored with a strong start and a smooth full finish. I tried to buy some in Arizona but no luck. Find it if you can and you’ll be convinced.

  11. I did manage to get some Schlitz last year in Maryland and it was very good. But I haven’t seen any in PA yet.

  12. I had some in the fall and liked it. I am not much a beer drinker though. I haven’t had any recently. It is time to make another run.

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