I would buy a Micro-Chill – more then one most likely

I would buy this – but it should be called MyChill instead:

The first one, it seems, should be pretty straight-forward. The obvious name for it would be the ‘micro-chill’. Reverend Dave and I have been talking about it for years, yet it’s never been invented yet. Basically, we’re looking for the opposite of a microwave oven. I want an appliance that you can put a bottle of room-temperature beer in, press a button, and thirty seconds later it comes out frosty cold. Seriously–it would be a gold mine. Not only would it be good for beverages, but for blanching vegetables, cooling leftovers, and making ice or ice cream. Who wouldn’t want that? It would be in every kitchen in America, just like a toaster or a blender. [Link Hurricane Mikey]

They mention SDB saying:

Basically, he said it was impossible because there is no such thing as hot and cold. There is only heat and less heat. You cannot radiate ‘less heat’ from one object to another.

Thoughts: How is Ice Cream made? Wouldn’t this just be a fast super efficient (and small)  refrigerator?

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  1. Actually if you put a can or bottle of beer in a large container of ice water the temperatures equalize in about five minutes. The water is the crucial element.

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