“Rebooting America”

It may be interesting to see the ideas from this. My guess is that it will be swarmed by the left and ruined like DIGG and REDDIT where.


2 Responses

  1. A dangerous but fortunately impotent and harmless movement.

    Government is a complex adaptive system. Most of the solutions to problems have never been vocalized — nor have most of the problems. Rather, we have a system which is a relic of all that has gone right in the past, a solution to all of our failures.

    And it works pretty well.

  2. But if it’s “dangerous” how can it be “impotent and harmless”?

    May I suggest “potentially dangerous” instead?

    Y’know, this thing is kinda reminds me of the Global Ideas Bank or Changemakers.net.
    Who knows, maybe some good could come out of it…. (Of course, bad things too [especially if Leftists are allowed to “broken window” the place]).

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