LinkedIn: It Just Sucks, Correct?

It seems to me that LinkedIn sucks.

Is anybody actually making good use of it (besides salesmen). I would be interested in knowing.

I think I most likely wasted my time getting set up on it over the weekend (it was under my real name so don’t go looking for purpleslog).


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  1. I find LinkedIn quite useful for keeping up on who’s who, who’s doing what, an who’s working for who.

    I’m linked to a lot of infosec professionals, including many in Milwaukee.

    Send me an invite and we’ll connect.

    Did you go to RSA?

  2. Well, I beg to differ 🙂

    I’m Mario, the community guy at LinkedIn. There are many ways that LinkedIn can help you, and I thought I’ll draw attention to some of our recent blog posts that shows you how professionals are benefiting from LinkedIn

    Let me know if you’ve any questions. Feel free to follow me on twitter (id: mariosundar).

    • You look like such a fag.

    • Mario,

      Are you still with LinkedIn? I have found the “jobs” section of LinkedIn to be quite disturbing. Since late January I have applied to 40 jobs via the LinkedIn application. I always call companies to follow up (typically one week after sending in my resume), and of the 40 only about 12 actually received my resume! That is alarming. I would never be considered for those jobs if I hadn’t called the companies to follow up. LinkedIn failed on their end. My efforts to contact the company have been futile; the canned email responses make no sense and nobody answers the phone.



  3. Well, the scale and the scope seem to be working at cross purposes.

  4. Clint:

    “I find LinkedIn quite useful for keeping up on who’s who, who’s doing what, an who’s working for who.”

    Ok. Maybe I am too new to it.

    “I’m linked to a lot of infosec professionals, including many in Milwaukee.”

    I saw many of them there.

    “Send me an invite and we’ll connect.”

    Well, that would give away my identity. I don’t want future employers to be able to google my blogging and other on-line activities. So, I maybe at some time in the future. Maybe after the next time we see each other face to face.

    “Did you go to RSA?”

    No. I wished I had.


    Thanks for the link. I will spend a little more time over the next weeks trying it out.


    Yeah, that was what I was thinking.

  5. Yep, LinkedIn does suck. It’s done absolutely nothing for everyone I’ve talked to that works in the Silicon Valley area. Another useless website – my
    business group (about 50+ people) have already dumped their profiles and moved on!

    • DITTO! Linked In sucks big time! You are the one who builds the social network for them and they won’t allow you access to your own contacts! Their tech support and customer service suck to no end. Tried to have an issue resolved to no avail – after 75 + contacts and 150 more ready to add….I said “see ya, a-holes.” Useless and not helpful!

  6. I am most likely going to be able to give it a good test drive soon – the end is near on my current contract. I don’t like that I may be contractless/jobless sometime in Q1 of 2009.

  7. So this is how we found out that LinkedIn doesn’t know what they’re doing.

    When we joined, we thought it’s for networking, right? Simple enough. After getting invitations from people we didn’t know and also inviting people we didn’t know, our accounts were placed on block! They actually “force” you to sign an agreement online to not send invitations to people you don’t know!

    Excuse me? Is this a joke? The whole point of LinkedIn is to network and expand your network! How can you do that if you only contact the people you already know? What a bunch of morons. They don’t even know what their company is about.

    If I just want to network with people I already know, then it’s not really networking, is it? I already have all the e-mails and phone numbers of the people I know, why does anyone need linkedin for people they already know?

    LinkedIn really needs to figure out what they stand for, because as of now, they’re completely confused and they confuse their customers too. They want to stand for something, which is to allow people to network, yet they block almost everyone who contacts snobs who don’t want to accept invites.

    Here’s a clue LinkedIn, perhaps you should have a better system of telling those snobs to set up their account in a way that only people who know their e-mail addresses can send them invites and “require it” for those people, instead of punishing customers who are actually there to network!

    LinkedIn is a joke. It’s definitely not for networking. LinkedIn doesn’t know the meaning of networking. It’s another facebook. It only pretends to be for professionals.

    • Two Schools of Thought When It Comes To Networking: Start with who you know and who your network knows or try to connect with “cold contacts” based on group memberships. LinkedIn as an element of both types of networking.

      First, I will never pay to send invitations to connect with people I’ve never met before. I do not like that hit or miss strategy. I do however think that there should be a limit has to how many invites you can send a month so that you have to pick and choose who you want to connect with (There’s no way I could ever respond to X number of invites without becoming overwhelmed or turned off at sometime -personally).

      I can only connect with so many people!
      It’s not a numbers game for me. It’s about quality relationships and I don’t want to divide my time too thin and not be able to follow-up.

      I like LinkedIn. I think it has potential, but requires one to be open minded and disciplined.

      • Yes but if you’re in a particular field and Linedin sends you suggestions for who you should try to add, you should be able to add NEW people and make NEW Contacts, not just talk to people you already know for contacts. its ridiculous

  8. I was searching for tags related to my high school and was surprised to see private profiles without names. Wtf? How are you supposed to add someone with just their title?

    Perplexed by this usually simple and routine method, I wrote customer service and they said you have to send them a request or email and I was thinking how stupid if you don’t even know who they are yet. At least if you know their name, it makes sense to email them saying something like “hey, we graduated at the same time…”.

    I didn’t get much further than that, I figured if something that easy was so cumbersome, its not worthwhile. I’ll look at Facebook which seems to be the middle ground between Myspace and nothing (can’t say LinkedIn).

    Get a clue.

  9. I think it’s initial purpose was good, but like anything it can be misused. Being “connected” should mean that you know the person and their character to some degree, and may even want to recommend them. However, based on my experiences with getting invites from people I don’t know, and people asking me to recommend them, it just seems to be a numbers game now.

    • I thik you should be able to connect with anyone. You should at least be allowed to send an invite, and a quick hello message and it’d be up to the user to reply back or accept the invitation. Not allowing you to be able to make new connections with new people is just stupid in my opinion. How are we supposed to get ahead when we dont know people and it wont let us meet anyone new

  10. I’ve pretty much abandoned my LinkedIn profile. I should delete it.

  11. I’m still waiting on a Purpleslog profile on Facebook.

  12. Heh…it is not forgotten, I have just been procrastinating.

  13. It doesnt make sense to me. Linkedin is supposed to be a networking website. But how can you network if you don’t meet new people? Its so stuipd not to allow people to invite new people you dont know or someone you find when researching a field you are interested in. It should be more of a site where you can find people in your field and connect with them. Rather than only people you know. I really wish they’d change that rule and allow people to email and invite people you dont know.

    • I agree .

      I think it more of way for a new type of spam to be sent out.

      It is also an interesting way to do recon on corporations.

  14. Yes, LinkedIn blows bigtime. It is a waste of time, bandwidth, bytes and energy. Why bother. It is just a variation of Facebook and Twitter, which are also wastes of time.

    • at least on facebook and twitter you can meet new people and talk to them and make connections

  15. LINKED IN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I tried to connect with someone, but I did not have this person in my network. I couldn’t even send an email WTF!



    • Infairness, I use facebook (under my real name) for real-life friends only. I have been having a blast with it.

      Linked in is for work-stuff. It shouldn’t be fun. Unfortunately, it has had much value of any sort.

  17. LinkedIn is a graveyard of lost unemployed souls who all think that the other lost umemployed souls on LinkedIn can somehow help them. They can’t, and the won’t. It’s a big suck-ass waste of time.

    • The only people who use LinkedIn are looking for work or trying to sell something. When I first filled out my profile, the names that popped up as “people I may know” were from the company I was just laid off from. They were all looking for new jobs cause the company sucked that bad.

      The only reason I use it is that it is a requirement for one of the groups I belong to.

  18. Hey where did that fag Mario go?

    Linkedin truly is worthless.

  19. Agreed – it’s only good so long as you’re trying to locate your old coworkers, classmates, or friends. And the people you already know.
    As for as getting to connect with people whom otherwise we won’t stand much chance to be acquainted…forget about it.

    If I think about it, it really a commonsense…why would any stranger would help me let alone concerned about my (un) employment situation. I mean there’re definitely some instances that a perfect stranger could help you, but…chances are rather slim.

    I’d focus on fostering real relationships where I wouldn’t mind going my way out to help s/he/them…those people are the ones who much more likely to reciprocate.

  20. Who in their right mind would spend $25 per month for an online mutual admiration society? Save the twenty five bucks for 8 months and hire a hooker–you’ll feel better.

    • I don’t pay anything for LinkedIN. It is free.

      Also…a $25 hooker sounds scary.

      • LinkedIn is NOT free – or, at least the free version of LinkedIn is useless. You can’t even send messges to your contacts with it. Even when you shell out $25/mo., you get a grand total of THREE MESSAGES per month! Are you kidding me? I can get the same service at almost the same price using Express Mail from the Post Office!

        • another good option would be to use Facebook, a lot of people is starting to post their proffessional backgrounds.
          If facebook ever thinks about it, to could crush those morons

          • I am not sure there. I am on facebook under my real name. My FB has only really friends (a small number) and no work-only connections.

            I haven’t dropped linkedin just because I haven’t bothered to. I should though.

    • “mutual admiration society”

      I totally agree with you. I think this is the perfect combination of words to describe the meaning of that anti-social network

  21. I’m not a big linkedIn fan. It feels too much like going to the post office. I feels too needy or something. I just use motioncore.

  22. they have ZERO customer support. I created a page for my company and made a typo. They will not repair the typo and say i am not the authorized person in MY company for them to help repair the typo. I have been exchanging emails with some dunce in their so called customer service dept for a week and getting nothing but push back. Stay away from LinkedIn.

    • Yes I agree with Nitya that their CS sucks and blows! I created a group and WAS the group owner up until an hour ago (more on that in a moment).

      When they made the group owners have the ability to open their groups up I coudnt do it even though I was the owner and creator. I “contacted” CS and didnt hear from them. Days and days went by, sometimes getting some canned response from them that they were working on it and low and behold this morning I get an email that they have resolve the issue after not contacting me for 4 DAYS saying they amended the group owner.

      What was their resolution you say? THEY DELETED ME AND KICKED ME OUT OF MY OWN GROUP THAT I CREATED!!!

      Needless to say I am furious and have been bombarding them with emails all morning. I really dont think they will put me back as the group owner and am pissed as hell.

      Linkedin SUCKS!!!!

  23. I agree, it sucks.
    I doesnt adds anything special, and besides that, it sucks

  24. I have to agree that I’ve found LinkedIn to be useless and a waste of time. What is even more unbelievable was their IPO today and sahres hitting the $100 mark for a company that has little revenue and a website that so many professionals find completely useless.

  25. Hi, I suffered the same moronic treatment from them as well.

    Brief story: I was accused of something I didn’t do by this arsehole Colin Beveridge (beware of this loser whose profile is here: ) and decided to protect myself by sending linkedin a blow by blow account of what exactly happened.

    In the end, I got my account terminated. I have attached the exact email exchanges for you guys to see ( from most recent to earliest):

    My last response:

    If thats the best reponse you can give, I have nothing to say except you guys are pretty incompetent. OUT.


    Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 11:03:21 -0500
    Subject: providing the other side of the story with regards to complaint put forth by a Colin Beveridge [Ticket: 110821-000289]

    LinkedIn Customer Support Message

    Subject: providing the other side of the story with regards to complaint put forth by a Colin Beveridge


    Please know that this is going to be our last communication regarding this issue. As we previously stated, your account was not in compliance with the LinkedIn User Agreement. Please feel free to open a new account under your name instead of a company name at any time.


    LinkedIn Privacy Team

    Recent Discussion History:

    Member Comment: XXX 08/30/2011 22:10

    Even so, you could have given me a day or two to jot down the names of my contacts so that I can locate them should I set up a new account. Surely that isn’t too much to
    ask for?

    Besides, you have yet to give me a satisfactory response with regards to the Colin Beveridge issue; but I guess its simpler to
    just simply penalise me and shut me up while he gets away clean. KEEP IT UP Linkedin.

    Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011
    14:08:30 -0500
    Subject: providing the other side of the story with regards to complaint put forth by a Colin Beveridge [Ticket: 110821-000289]

    LinkedIn Response 08/30/2011 14:08


    When you create a LinkedIn account, it must be created using your real first and last name. Because this account wasn’t set up that way, we cannot grant access to the account or transfer any connections. We encourage you to create an account using your name and send invitations to connect from that account instead. By accepting your invitation, members give their consent to connecting to you as a person and not as a group or company entity.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to reply to this message.


    LinkedIn Privacy Team

  26. LinkedIn does sucks. You’re right. They’ve just restrained my account because I wanted to connect with too much people (I just wanted to other firms’ attention on my own activitiy). Then they’ve suppressed my profile picture because it was not a photography. Now I still have my account on Linked In but I never use it. I prefer contact people through Facebook. I hope Linked In will disappear, because it just works for big companies and not for small ones or for free-lance workers.

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