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    Bad news from Nepal…

    Did anybody not see this coming?

    Barely two years after ending an armed insurgency that killed more than 13,000 people, Nepal’s former Maoists rebels have stunned themselves, the Nepalese people, and the world with a landslide win in constituent assembly elections that could profoundly change Nepali politics. [Link: Christian Science Monitor]

    I LOL’d at this:

    But concerns are growing that Nepal’s moderate political parties – which coaxed the Maoists into mainstream politics and forgave past atrocities in the interests of peace – might be sidelined and a more radical agenda prevail.

    No shit?

    What matters now, analysts say, is how the Maoists themselves interpret the will of Nepalis.

    The vanguard doesn’t wait for the will of the people, it leads the people since the people don’t know what is good for them.

    The Left is happy. The phrase “A New World Is Possible” makes me shutter with nightmares of future re-education camps, mass graves, and secret police.

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