Photo: I Started Reading “The Exploit” Over Lunch

Sometimes, you just need to make a Sushi run:

I started reading "The Exploit" over lunch

6 Responses

  1. what do you think so far?

  2. I like the intro. I liked the beginning of the node section, but now I am getting bogged down (and a bit bored). So, I have set it aside. I will pick it up again on Monday.

  3. I’ve got my copy on order but it might be a while before I actually dive into it. There are a couple of other books in line ahead of it.

  4. It is such a slim volume, I started reading it right away. It fit nicely in my jacket pocket for the sushi run.

  5. PS, I still don’t know who you are! I’m randomly asking people I know, “Are you PurpleSlog?” I get some strange reactions! A hint would be appreciated 🙂

  6. Excellent – my poker face worked!

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