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“Stealth Is Knowledge” – New 5GW Blogger? [Update]

Is this blogger going to be a new 5GW theorist?

My interest in 5GW (5th Generation Warfare) is rooted in it’s potential for positive social and cultural change.

The comment made me think of of former 5GW b logger/commenter RevG.

The blog looks a bit strange – let me say eclectic instead.

I found no other reference to 5gw on his web site. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with though.

FYI: Here is how I currently define Fifth Generation Warfare.

Update: This might be the associated blog. This is the 5GW category.

Update: This is definitely the blog.  It was cross posted to Stealth-is-Knowledge. Stealth-is-Knowledge has a 5GW link (but I have not evaluated it yet).

[Cross-posted to Dreaming 5GW]

3 Responses

  1. Is that “Steal This or Stealth Is”? Or is a dual meaning intended? He’s playing with you, or you’re playing with us, or both. ;-\

  2. Heh – “Stealth is Knowledge”.

    It turns out that was just a cross post. The actual blogger is Skilluminati:


  3. Yes, I’ve been reading a few posts at skilluminati. Striking stuff. Only a couple of 5gw posts as of now, but I think he’ll contribute to the cause.

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