ZenPundit Calls for “Radical Transparency in Politics”

Zenpundit writes:

The answer here is not to go on a fruitless legal jihad to ban foreign money, which at times does get turned toward humanitarian or genuinely educational purposes but to require radical transparency of our think tanks, universities, charities and other institutions enjoying tax deductible status but are dedicated to indirectly influencing the political process or policy formation. If an American institution or scholar wants to shill for the Wahabbi Lobby by working for a tank on the take from a senior Saudi prince, or accept grants from PLA-affiliated Chinese corporations, Japanese billionaires, mobbed-up Russian “businessmen” or other foreign sources, fine, but a highly visible disclaimer to that fact ought to be mandatory. If Carnegie or AEI or Harvard departments are advising presidential candidates on Mideast policy then contributions emanating from that region are relevant to the discussion.

I heartily agree.

In addition, as far as US Elections go, McCain-Feingold should be dumped.

Instead for US elections at any level, only US Citizens (and not corporations) of that governing area should be allowed to contribute to a candidate (but without limits on how much they can contribute). So for a state-wide senator race, any citizen from the state can contribute. For a House election, only people from that house district and down the line. This needs to have instant reporting of the wh/what/how-much to a searchable database made available to the public (gov, journalist, regular citizens) for oversight and data-mining.

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