“Spooky Action at a Distance” and other Recent 5GW Links

These are all newish.

— Skilluminati’s “The Language of Power”:

Spooky action at a distance is a great single-sentence summary of 5GW.
For brainfood I submit Henry Okah, David Myatt and Ronald Stark. In
terms of clinical psychology, 5GW operatives are NOT SANE — they are
sociopaths, they are monomaniacs, etc. Effective 5GW is all-consuming
and requires greater discipline than most humans are willing to subject
themselves to.

I really like ” “Spooky action at a distance” or just “spooky action” as a 5GW action term.

The sociopath angle is interesting….and bears some consideration. I can definitely see that for the Puppet Master Style of 5GW at least.

John Goekler at Counterpunch has an article entitled: “Fourth Generation Warfare in a Fifth Generation Conflict”:

5GW is a whole other kettle of fish. In 5GW, the goal is not to seize the levers of power so much as it is to weaken or “hollow out” state control, in order to fill the ensuing vacuum. The actors are not necessarily political movements, or even recognized groups. Their motivation is as likely to be micro-economic as ideological, and may be social or–most likely–some blend of the above. To conflate these under any label, be it “jihadists”, “losers and dead-enders” or “militias” is to misunderstand them completely.

This Sounds like the John Robb‘s re-definition of Global Guerrillas as 5GW. He continues:

5GW is sometimes called, “open source” warfare, or “war of super-empowered individuals”, because modern weapons and technologies have conferred tremendous power on small actors. One person with a kilo of plastic explosive and a simple detonator can do millions of dollars in damage to key infrastructure, such as pipelines, electrical grids, water treatment plants or bridges.

So, yep, 5GW = Global Guerrillas with a bit of Hammes themed 5GW too. Most of what he calls 5GW is 4GW or possibly a new form of 3GW in some cases.

Podcast: Art of Memetics

Reasonable Citizen on 4GW

Mountain Runner on Smart Power:

Smart Power is “the capacity of an actor to combine elements of hard power and soft power in ways that are mutually reinforcing such that the actor’s purposes are advanced effectively and efficiently.” Those familiar with Sun Tzu and Clausewitz will recognize the four elements of Smart Power:…
To correct this, Ernie says smart power needs a smart campaign. The concepts of hard and soft power need to be reframed and remastered.
Smart Power will be the product of revolution of national security affairs.

2008 Unrestricted Warfare Symposium

— TDAXP’s “The Thomas Crown Affair, a 5GW Primer

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  2. Can…that was fascinating! A year ago, I would have said the long campaign season was bad for the country. Instead it has turned out to be a godsend as we get to know Obama and not just Obama-the-political-advertisement.

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