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My Antilibrary [Updated]

I wasn’t asked, but here is a sample of my antilibrary:

Real Digital Forensics by Jones et al.

Why is it in my queue? I am an Information Security Engineer by profession, but I don’t do much with forensics. It is an area I would like to learn more about,

The Mind Map Book by Buzan et al.

Why? Mind Mapping may be a learning organizing life hack I can add to my personal skills. I hate drawing though, so I have put it off.

The Tao of Democracy by Atlee et al.

Why? I do not remember. The book is in shinkwrap, so I can’t even thumb through it!

Human Action by Mises

Why? The is the classic book of the Austrian school of economics. I bought it 2 years ago while on an econ kick. It remains unread do to its bulk, and because I suspect I have gotten the gist from other sources.

The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams

Why? This is a classic book of Americana I feel guilty in not having read.

My amazon.com wish list is full of unread and likely never to be read books.

3 Responses

  1. Could you elaborate on why you would want to read these books and what you hope to get out of them?

  2. ym…done!

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