Sunday Night Links

These may be of interest to you (they were to me)

Milwaukee Art Museum on Flickr

TDAXP has released a book based upon his Jesus-Paulism series

US Ideological Distribution, 2008 with Charts

The Pew Research Center has presented a simple linear chart that places the ideology of the three Presidential contenders and the current President on a left-right scale, along with the median ideology of the voting public. A two-axis chart would be more informative, but this one-dimensional distribution reveals a great deal…

Basketball’s MoneyBall Movement – New Basketball Knowledge…

..and here is the American Football version.

Fun with Robots – The DIY anti-bum robot

My tip is to pay attention to the law of diminishing returns. For example, the number of authors who write two books that are worth reading is at least two orders of magnitude less than the number who write one book worth reading. Most of the time, you should assume that if you’ve read one book by a given author then you do not need to read another. Too many people follow the opposite strategy–reading more books by authors they like.

WTF – A Vegetable Rights Movement? – 9/11 Truther Fun Parodies

The second draft of SP800-39 (on IT Risk) has been released by NIST

In which I shamefully confess my knowledge of The Love Boat:

“Who was Captain Stubing’s first officer? ”

You know, I vaguely remember them showing a “deputy captain” once. In the episode, the Captain and some passengers where missing in a shore excursion boat somewhere as part of the episodes drama. The younger deputy captain (the actor was one of the guest stars for the week). was shown as leading the search effort. It may have been a two-part episode.

I remember thinking that “deputy captain” is a dumb title, he should be “first officer”, you know like Spock.

Checking…praise Google!

There are episodes “Marooned: Part 1” and “Marooned: Part 2” with a Deputy Captain Cunningham played by Dick Martin (the Laugh-In guy).

I am sure there is something important and relevant to my profession I can not remember because that brain space is taken up with knowledge of a deputy captain on Love Boat.

Santa Fe Institute researchers have demonstrated that many real-world networks can be understood as a hierarchy of modules, where nodes cluster together to form modules, which themselves cluster into larger modules–arrangements similar to the organization of sports players into teams, teams into conferences, and conferences into leagues.

Historians, accustomed to analytical searches for causation, are excellent at vetting the plausibility of imagineered, hypothetical scenarios and can inform through historical analogies. Futurists, in turn, are analytically attuned to alternatives and points of divergence and can help unearth what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls “silent evidence” lurking in the often excessively linear and simplified causation explanations of historical narratives.

History of the Democratic Party’s Super Delegates as a Funny Video

Why the seal attempted to have sex with the penguin is unclear. But the scientists who photographed the event speculate that it was the behaviour of a frustrated, sexually inexperienced young male seal.
The seal then alternated between resting on the penguin, and thrusting its pelvis, trying to insert itself, unsuccessfully.

Always Fun: The Nietzsche Family Circus

Move over ugly American, make room for the ugly Chinese

The 24th MEU is Operating in Afganistan

Lastly, a quick video snippet of a GR Puppy seeing his reflection for the first time:


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the link.

    PS: The Murphy video is awesome!


    Danny from Bookworm room posted this link about Saul Alinsky. It uses quite a number of direct quotes and descriptions, which I made some comments on.

    I knew about Saul Alinsky, but his abilities were better than I had expected after reading his works and techniques.

  3. I read he stuff a few months ago. I have been meaning to write a post on 5GW lesson from Alinsky’s work.

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