Graphic/Mapping: XGW – Kinetics vs. Domain [Update]

Here is a graphic of the the grid I settled upon for showing how the XGW category framework differs on kinetics vs simple domains (military and/or Society).

XGW Grid

I was trying to do something that wasn’t linear.

Update: The subscript for K stands for High. Medium, Low,

Update: Here is the shorthand for different modes in XGW:

– 0GW is Primal Warfare
– 1GW is Linear Warfare
– 2GW is Attrition Warfare
– 3GW is Maneuver Warfare
– 4GW is [TBD: Netwar/Unrestricted Warfare/Full Spectrum War]
– 5GW is Secret War

Update: Here is the grid with slight modification:

XGW Grid (slight update)


3 Responses

  1. What are H, M, and L?

  2. High, Medium, Low.

  3. D’oh! 🙂

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