Question: Is the correct name for this category “Influence Warfare?”

Is Influence Warfare the correct name for the category that includes the following?

Strategic Communications

Public Diplomacy

Public Affairs

Psyops/Morale Operations

White Propaganda

Black Propaganda

Political Warfare

– Covert Action to turn (and run) an individual into an agent-in-place or agent-of-influence



Memetic Engineering


Brand Management



– I know there is overlap.
– I assume there is a counter-X to each of the above that is part of influence warfare.
– I do not include the technical actions of co-opting information and communication technology.

Am I missing anything?

Should I use a different name?

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2 Responses

  1. Strategic Communications, Public Diplomacy, Public Affairs, PSYOP and Brand Management all fit nicely under Perception Management.

    Morale Operations, White Propaganda, Black Propaganda, Disinformation and FUD are PSYOP.

    Deception, or MILDEC, is an Information Operation, as are EW, PSYOP, OPSEC and CNO.

    Everything you listed could be part of a political warfare campaign.

    Not sure where to list Covert Action, Positioning and Memetic Engineering.

  2. Positioning and memetic engineering would be under Perception Management I think.

    I didn’t include EW or OPSEC or any techie types things.

    I guess I don’t include all covert action, just that to set-up an agent-of-influence or an agent-ion-place. So, maybe that is perception management too.

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