Little Air Marshall Coverage of US Flights – Does it Matter?

From CNN:

Of the 28,000 commercial airline flights that take to the skies on an average day in the United States, fewer than 1 percent are protected by on-board, armed federal air marshals, a nationwide CNN investigation has found.

But does that matter? A CNN blog commenter rightly pointed out:

Is this really a big deal? The post 9/11 threat is no longer hijacking. The reinforced doors and the passengers would not let a similar incident occur. More focus should be on securing cargo and the nation’s ports.

I agree.

I would also suggest these cost effective measures:

  • Increase funding the training of pilots to be the last resort armed response
  • Create a cadre of local non-federal law enforcement to act as a reserve or air marshal surge force if a situation warrants it.

One Response

  1. For people that think power is in having guns and thus removing them will remove the power from the hands of criminals, the idea of an uprising on a plane by American passengers is very atrocious and crude to such folks.

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