Book Notes: John Poole’s Dragon Days: Time for “Unconventional” Tactics

John Poole‘s Dragon Days is mostly about 4GW and a little bit about what I call 5GW (aka SecretWar).

The Interesting points to me where:

– US light infantry should add criminal investigative techniques

– US light infantry should all add real SERE capability so they don’t need 2GW-ish bombardment (with its 4GW blowback) if they get into a fix.

– China seems to be the PuppetMaster behind lots of the conflict and enemies the US is facing – so China is sort of engaged in a non-kinetic 4GW and maybe a 5GW (though he doesn’t use that term) against the US

– Poole thinks that the release of the book Unrestricted Warfare was a deception operation to get the US focused on hi-tech warfare (which makes me think he really didn’t read it)

3 Responses

  1. – US light infantry should add criminal investigative techniques

    They should also have the power of field execution derived from these “criminal investigations”.

    There is nothing like setting an example for your neighboring village than getting a bunch of terrorists you have caught, tried, and sentenced out into the public square and shooting them, hanging them, or quartering them.

    That will serve to cement the local population to you stronger than any talk about “liberty” and the great benefits of “democracy”.

    It’s hard for people to be convinced by the sweet sounding words of America when their husbands, brothers, sisters, and uncles are being kidnapped and executed while you go around in big mechanized vehicles spouting off about duty and security.

    China is a Mercantile Empire so thus their activities are often the exact thing people accuse Haliburton and the US of doing.

  2. A note on SERE, government authorized classes to teach individuals on how to use their initiative and abilities are woefully inadequate. The government, any government institution which includes the military, literally cannot excel at this field precisely because the government must obey PC retards and regulations from CAIR, ACLU, and what not.

    Private citizens and contractors like Tim Larkin, spokesman for TFT, does not. If they fail, it will not be because they obeyed restrictions imposed upon them by the enemy.

  3. I did not know about this release. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I have enjoyed his prior works so will make room on the anti-library for this one.

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