This rules out Jindal in my mind for VP or future President

From HotAir:

Qualified by the usual caveat, of course. He [Jindal] won’t say which theory he favors (beyond acknowledging some unknown role of the creator), but clearly he’s sufficiently sold on ID that he thinks it merits being laid in front of kids as an alternative to evolution. Which is a dodge, really, in the same way that the Truthers’ irritating “just asking questions” defense is a dodge: It uses the spirit of free inquiry as a way to avoid the threshold question of how credible any theory has to be to end up in the curriculum. Doubtless there are far left parents (and far right, per the Paulnuts) who wouldn’t mind seeing competing theories of 9/11 taught in history class so that kids can “make up their own minds,” but that ain’t likely to happen.

I can’t vote for somebody who is anti-science.

5 Responses

  1. Both parties such on science.

    When both parties advocate burning down your house, that one advocates dry brush and lighterfluid for the job while the other insists on dry brush and gasoline, hardly makes a difference! [1]

    Now, Jindal might be actually dangerous if he could install IDists who direct the funding of the National Science Foundation.


  2. Is Jindal really that bad?

  3. Its the anti-science stuff. I don’t want that in a president or VP. I hope he cleans up LA.

  4. This is nonsense…voters are not that stupid. Voters want effective leadership and that is Jindal’s calling card. I believe Jindal is on Mccain’s very short list. I for one will lock away for Mccain if Jindal is vp.

  5. The anti-science policy stance aside, Jindal doesn’t have that much executive exp yet. I would rather he cleanup.

    Science knowledge, understanding, and “friendliness” is of high importance to America’s future.

    Idiots who promote religion instead of science – hidden as fake science “creation science” or “intelligent design” or whatever its called next” – imperil America’s future prosperity and world position.

    I could never vote for somebody with those views to any position of importance.

    It is also why it would be a mistake by McCain to have Huck as a VP.

    Truly, I hope Jindal can fix LA. If that state legislature thinks teaching ID is more important then cleaning up the rampant and systematic corruption then LA will remain a mess.

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