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    FireFox 3.0 Quick Notes

    I just upgraded to Firefox 3.0.

    – Most of my extensions had FF3 versions. I substituted “Extended Copy Menus” for “Copy Plain Text”.

    – Faster page loads!

    – Faster startup!

    – Faster scrolling!

    – Not slowing down for 50+ open tabs.

    I like it so far.

    4 Responses

    1. I’ve been using it since the day it came out, and I love it!

    2. I was waiting so that my favorite add-ons would be supported.

    3. 50+ open tabs? Sheesh…..

    4. Well, I usually open up my RSS reader – right click open in a new tab – anything that looks interesting. Stuff that I want to read or think about stays longer then the other stuff. My internet connection has been flaky for 2 weeks and my new work schedule has goofed me up.

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