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Energy/Incentives Idea That I Like

I can’t find where I heard this, but it was a neat application of incentives (economic thinking) to energy policy.

The suggestion was something like:

1) States That don’t allow drilling for oil and natural gas off-shore shall have their federal gasoline tax increased $1 (or $2 or $X) per gallon.

2) The collected money shall be redistributed on a per capita basis to people living within 50 miles (or 100 miles or X miles) of working coal mines.

If I can find the reference I will post that.

2 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t that have the effect continuing a coal-based energy policy? Wouldn’t it be better to use the extra tax funds to move us towards something like solar or wind?

    E.g. ‘The collected money will be redistributed to people installing solar and wind power in their homes and cars.’

  2. Mostly, I wanted to give citizens of states that won’t allow drilling a negative incentive.

    By giving those around coal mines the money, you compensate them for that needed crapiness.

    I would be willing to extend the negative incentive to those states that do not allow off-shore wind farming, or on-land solar farms or on-land wind farms.

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