Milwaukee News Item #2: Anti-Lawnmower Gun Violence

An example of alienation from technology:

A 57-year-old south side man, who might have been struggling with a
hangover, was charged Friday with shooting his lawn mower with a
sawed-off shotgun.

“I’ll tell you the truth,” a criminal complaint quotes an apparently
inebriated Keith Walendowski. “I got pissed because my lawn mower
wouldn’t start, so I got my shotgun and shot it.

…and then the Journal reporter had some fun:

Dick Wagner of Wagner’s Garden Mart, 6075 N. Green Bay Glendale,
said shooting the mower didn’t help Walendowski’s odds of getting it

“Anything not factory recommended would void the warranty,” he said.


Someday, Roomba-based lawnmowers might strike back!

One Response

  1. The founding father’s were especially sensitive to the right to defend oneself against lawnmowers, they killed more people than Pocahontas!!!

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