I hope Senator Biden is Obama’s VP running mate… [Update: HAHAHAHAHA]

…since I am voting for McCain.

Biden’s big mouth and over-rated “expertise” on foreign policy should cost Obama a few point or so.

Update on Midnight 8/23/2008: I just heard the news….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

2 Responses

  1. While his domestic positions are awful, I’m more favoarable to Biden on foreign policy. A lot of “expertise” in this sense is knowing people, knowing names, not being surprised when an issue blows up. Obama, like Bush, really doesn’t have this knowledge. Consider the “Undivided Jersualam flag” — Obama /literally/ did not know what he was talking about. Biden does, and it’s a big plus for him.

  2. Biden is prone to saying very stupid things. I think he is credited with being an “expert” because he has long been on that Senate committee. That doesn’t work for me.

    I’ll give Biden this, he comes across as less dumb then Gov, Richardson, who has a great resume, but I learned from the dem debates is just a ticket-punching idiot.

    I believe he has called on the UN Security Council to take action against Russia for Russia v. George. You’d think a former UN Rep might realize Russian has a veto on the Security

    In the business world I have met plenty of people like this. They are generally of above average height, superficially charismatic (but overtly vindictive and quick to practice nepotism) ,good dressers, and when you drill down to the substance of an issues, of the core of a crises, they are absolutely idiots (well groomed though).

    I know I sound harsh, but it because of empty-headed leaders like Biden that congress is a mess. Note: This is not unique to dems.

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