Its Palin! [Updates]

It’s going to be McCain/Palin!

Wow! I think she is an excellent choice!

(Photo scraped from Fox News).

Update: HotAir has a good summary.

Update: These folks are pretty happy.

Update: Thunder Pig has video and interviews.

Update: Zenpundit points out she is weak on National Security. Yep. McCain has that covered. She covers his weakness: Business, Entrepreneurship, and Executive Leadership. I suspect she will learn from McCain and will have her own National Security Advisor (i.e. Tutor). Keep in mind, Obama has 0 National Security experience…and Biden’s “expertise” I think is a joke.

Update: Wizards of Oz likes it.

Update: “Governor Palin has spent her time in office shaking up government in Alaska and actually achieving results — whether it’s taking on corruption, passing ethics reform or stopping wasteful spending and the ‘bridge to nowhere.’ Senator Obama has spent his time in office running for president.”

Update from Tracy Coenen:

Sure, Sarah Palin is “less experienced” than the other potential Vice Presidential picks McCain had in front of him. But she has so many things going for her, not the least of which include:

* Working to clean up corruption
* Being a political outsider when it comes to Washington D.C. politics
* A real track record of accomplishments in Alaska
* A positive energy to bring to the campaign and the country

And yes, she happens to be a female. But if you’re so naive to think that’s the only reason (or even the primary reason) McCain picked her, you’re nuts.


11 Responses

  1. I left a pretty large comment at Zenpundit (so I won’t inflict it on you here), but when this pick came out the strategist in me had to smile. If I can only link it to 5GW I can post something at D5GW. I really need my own blog.

    Some friends of mine and I have been batting this around all day and Republican, Democrat and Independent, we all got excited about the potential implications.

  2. Hey, I have to check out your face book entry. Does facebook work as a blog? I have been avoiding facebook and myspace. Hopefully I will have internet access over the weekend. My home connection has been down alot (I have been sneaking in posts from work).

  3. No, if I want a blog I’d have to go with a stand alone platform.

    On Facebook you can post individual links and limited length notes but it doesn’t have a blog function (or at least I haven’t found one, outside applications pop up regularly). It is possible to link posts to your profile from your blog or your Twitter. Otherwise it is a good networking and discussion platform without the background clutter of MySpace. As a plus it allows you to very easily control information about yourself, and there is already a pretty well developed network from our corner of the blogosphere.

  4. Arherring, you should give a try. Its free and easy. I am an IT guy who has setup and run web/ecommerce servers for large enterprises but I have no interest in running the server and software for my blog. The free suits all my needs.

    If you use the ScribeFire extension to FireFox (recently upgraded) it becomes even easier.

  5. Oh, plus it server as your OpenID client, and you can embed video from things like Youtube, or photos from Flickr easily.

    You could create a blog and keep it private while you work out the look and feel. BTW, bno coding required!

  6. That’s for me. Coding (beyond some early MMORPG building stuff I wasn’t good at) has never been a talent of mine.

    I might give it a whirl.

  7. Figure you can post your 5GW-related to your personal blog and to D5GW, and anything else just to your personal blog.

  8. I cannot see her as a Commander-in-Chief.
    McCain is 72. I read the obituaries page of my local newspaper every morning and see lots of people in their late 60’s & early 70’s passing away of natural causes, heart attacks, strokes, etc.

    I am fascinated by how elderly people react negatively to this pick. They’re not stupid, knowing full well what being their age entails. He could have picked Olympia Snowe or even Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell (who is the best damn governor in the country IMHO), women who have considerable experience and gravitas on issues in ways Palin simply does not and will not have for years.

    The belief that the elderly can live full & active lives is a liberal lie. On average, the elderly slowly diminish over time, from the higher automobile accident rates of the 65+ crowd to telltale slippage of the memory and cognitive skills.

    This is what just disturbs the hell out of me in general about old politicians like McCain and the cadre of old fogies in the Senate & House (The Dems seem to have a lot more oldies than the GOP at this point). There should be a mandatory retirement age of 70.

    That Palin is a good woman with an interesting future is undeniable. That she is ready to be VP and ready to be commander-in-chief from Day 1 as John McCain promised repeatedly his VP would is a bridge too far for me and many Americans to cross.

    Thank you for your suggestion of ScribeFire.. I had not been aware of its existence.

  9. My dad is almost 80, and while still pretty sharp…he is not what he was 60, so I get your point. He still fishes and camps and plans to :for another five years”. I expect after that, he will cut out the camping, but not the fishing.

    He will never die. I am pretty sure of that. I am holding onto that.

    Yeah ScribeFire is awesome. I am still playing with new version. It is real easy to add photo/graphics and to make updates to existing posts. The interface is a bit clunky. With the new ScribeFire, I hardly ever use for writing or editing posts. It plays nicely with Flickr – even if you don’t have a flickr account.

  10. My father is 65 and plans to retire at 77-79. I love and respect my dad in his job (as the best damn helicopter mechanic and one of the best across the board avionics techs in America) but I fear what kind of mistakes he could make if he follows the natural trajectory of aging (having worked in aviation maintenance myself the past 5 years). My maternal grandfather is 82 and lives in Panama, running a ranch & a food deli/internet cafe. He is seconded by one of his 16-25 year old employees who watches his every business move to make sure nothing slips after he made some serious but not destructive accounting and customer errors 7 years ago.

    I don’t think 70+ should be serving in government unless in an advisory role. I have said that for about 4 years since dealing with on average elderly contractors and analysts in the Navy who clearly had not only lost a step but some marbles and French fries too. Watching these folks on C-Span and reading about their gaffes only cements that feeling.

    I hope your father gets some great fishing and camping in during this Indian summer soon to arrive.

  11. I was over at my parents on Sunday. My dad was thinking McCain was too old. My Dem sister didn’t think so.

    I do occasionally see video of McCain 90+ year old mom (96?). She is still spry and sharp.

    I watched Palen’s speech this morning. I still feel good about her as McCain running mate.

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