Obama’s Speech Last Night

I watched and took notes that I meant to blog on last night. I decided not to and went to bed after the speech.

Here is a short version from memory:

1) The Greek Obamapolis thing was over blown. The stage and set looked fine. I don’t know what the fuss was about.

2) “Enough! – Obama shows he can be an angry messiah

3) The polices are mostly just standard liberal/leftists stuff.

4) Does Obama think Bush and McCain don’t want to kill OBL? Does Obama think he knows where OBL is?

5) “Change” – how vapid is this. It is a way to to capture peoples hopes…with out being specific. I hate this word now.

6) “The party of Roosevelt and Kennedy”. Obama’s rehtoric aside, the Democrats post-LBJ are the party of McGovern as far National Security stuff goes. The have keopt the mild-socialism and anti-business tendencies of Roosevelt (who though was a great war time President). This is what has consistently driven me from the Dems my entire adulthood.

7) The camera cuts to weeping O-cult members is pathetic. I would be embarrassed if any of them were my friends.

8 ) I liked the small girls dancing around and playing with the confetti at the end (Obama youngest and one of Biden grandkids perhaps). That was the feel good moment of the night for me.

9) Obama’s rhetoric was not over the top. I liked that he didn’t just stare into the camera, that would have looked silly.

Well, my impression hasn’t changed of Obama. He is a leftist (keeping that stuff soft-spoken). He is wrong on security, economics, entrepreneurship and domestic policy.


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