Capturing my Thoughts: Cuba

I posted this at TDAXP a few days ago:

It has been a long time since Cuban soldiers were causing trouble in Africa, Central America, and South America.

The bets thing the US could about Cuba is end the embargo, open up relationships, and let democracy, trade, capitalism, tourism and culture take their course.

The next prez should about Jeb Bush as amabassador to the gov or Cuba to deal with that level.

He should also appoint Gloria Estafan or Gov. Arnold Schwatzenwhatever as Ambassador to the people of Cuba.

A totalitarian Cuban gov doesn’t stand a chance against that.

Cuba should be a good trading partner (goods, services, culture) not a “problem” to deal with.

I look forward to when cruise ships can stop at Havana and I smoke a Cuban cigar legally in my back yard.

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