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Boeing Union on Strike?

I had first hear at Eddie’s blog about Boeing workers perhaps going on strike. If I understand correctly, they are now on strike and Boeing will not assemble new planes during the strike.

My first thought was:

The union must have a death wish.

There must have been a better way here. How many jobs is this going to cost as business is lost to Airbus?

Couldn’t the company and the union agree to make a side agreement to make any wage increases retroactive back to the beginning of the strike, but that allows work (and profiting) to continue?

Couldn’t the union do a sort of 4GW strike (as opposed to a 2GW : you will break of be destroyed” type of strike? Perhaps through the use of “strike theater” and media manipulation ? How about short demonstration strikes? How about strikes at executives homes? Or their social clubs? How about appeals to the suppliers (and their local media) who will also be effected? How about tugging at all the politicians up for re-election in the fall? How about Memetic Engineering? How about a 3rd party 5GW campeign agains company execs and union leaders?

How about just submitting to mediation? Jesus, Win-Win negotiation is not hard-hard!


2 Responses

  1. The unions are stuck in legacy-mode thinking. Your ideas are really neat though, I had never thought of much like that myself, as I tend to be a union supporter in very rare situations and want them to succeed quickly so as to pass the least amount of delay cost onto the customer.

    The Boeing unions OTOH are just scared stupid. They cannot realize how good they have and want to revert to a dream world that cannot exist any longer.

  2. EB, I grew up in a Union family.

    The industrial unions of the 20th century and their tactics are of not much use in the globalized 21st century. The union is just hurting itself and its members (along with Boeing).

    I think it could – by thinking differently – accomplish its goals by utilizing new tacticts.

    I guess I am thinking about 4GW (information/Moral Warfare) applied as union activities.

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