Spike Energy Drink: Don’t Drink This!

One of my younger co-workers Offered this to me to drink on a day when I dragging a bit:

Don’t drink it! He was recently out of the Navy and was still in prank mode I think!

I started to sweat…while standing still in an air-conditioned room. I had the shits the entire next day.

I should have read the back of the can:

I will stick with Diet Cherry Mountain Dew as my preferred caffeine source.

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  1. I have acctualy drank two of those in less than 30min and did not sweat or anything. I just became extremely energized. I think it all has to do with how sesitive you are to caffeine. I’ve been drinking energy drinks on and off for 4 years(yes i know very unhealthy) but i think you can build a tolerance….

  2. I will never try Spike again! 🙂

  3. weeny they’re great and you have a poor metabolism

  4. Heh…I suspect it is an age difference thing.

  5. Dude I drank one of these drinks today and I was and still am feeling really really funny. I was sweating like crazy and yes even had the shits!!!!



  7. Spike’s are just fine. There are plenty of warning labels on the can, read them and decide if it is for you. I used to take one a day and had only slight negative effects. Just because you had a bad experience with it doesn’t mean you need to go around telling others to not try it, that is for them to decide.

  8. “I’ll write whatever I want to on my blog.”

    Probably the reason few will read it… not that much content in this “post.”

    Six sentences… and really no content in it other than a short complaint about how you can’t handle a certain drink.

    Thanks for writing your “article,” but be prepared to be ridiculed for publicly posting your opinions.

  9. Not to say anyone is ridiculous but you guys are I drink Spike everyday never had sweats or shits lol Spike is the only energy drink that is worth the money!!


  10. I tried this last Thursday night and it’s affects lasted til Saturday morning. I am not a caffeine junky but I do have at least one serving (8oz) of coffee a day. I too started sweating and did not feel very comfortable at all. Plus, the shits did not elude me either. Definitely watch it with this stuff if you’re not prepared.

  11. “I should have read the back of the can”

    No. You should have read the front of the can where it says “Read entire label before drinking.”

  12. Iam trying “5-Hour Energy”….so far so good…no side effects.

    The main event: will it keep me awake?

  13. I have chugged five spikes at once. yes i was very very very full of energy and felt a little sick. but thats cuz i drank five one right after another. if you drink one or two a day all it does is give you energy. if you cant handle it, shut up and dont drink it lol

    • No you didn’t! That means you want to tell me you ingested 1500 mg of caffeine and are alive to tell about it. I can handle a lot of caffeine but I’m sorry you did not drink 5 one right after another. Your heart would of exploded.

      • not only the caffine the amount of B12 would have create the same effect!

      • If he ways around 200 lbs, he would be well under the conservative average of a “Lethal dose” of caffeine. A lethal dose of caffeine for a 200 pound person (of course depending on sensitivities) is approx. 12,000 mg. Siting Wikipedia’s article on Caffeine, and some basic math: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caffeine#Caffeine_intoxication

        • (replyed to the wrong one… dang it…) Anyways, on the topic of B12, yes that is A LOT of B12, and I’m not sure if a human body could cope with that much of it at once. I’m sure that would be very bad for your regular metabolism at least. I’m also not sure if you could actually absorb all of that B12 so quickly. Some (maybe a lot of it, perhaps only a small amount) might be pushed through the digestive track unabsorbed. I know Spike makes me piss like a racehorse within an hour and a half of drinking it. A lot of my theory in this post is conjecture, but it seems to make sense to me.

  14. I drink two spike energy drinks a day and I have nothing but good things to say! Keeps me going all day without a crash at the end of the day! I just wish they were sold in more stores!

  15. The rush of energy from a Spike energy drink is from the B vitamins it’s loaded with. If you have an imbalance of vitamins and nutrients, it will make you sick, of course. For some people, the huge amount of vitamins are more effective than caffeine. It does have about twice the caffeine as a cup of coffee, and more B vitamins than are required for consumption in a year. Depending on your body chemistry, drinking Spike could be a very bad idea.
    If you’re sensitive to this, then 5 hour energy is probably all you need. 5 hour energy and most other energy drinks have about a day’s worth of B-vitamins. I typically recommend sugar free, low caffeine and non-carbonated energy drinks for everyday use and Spike for occasional use, but I’m not a doctor.

  16. i had the weirdest thing happen i am a heavy opiate user because im stupid….but i was pulled off the floor to do a drug test and i was negative for all drugs and the only reason why i can think of is Spike i am a nurse and i know b-12 can help but i was shocked i was clean so i tested my theory retested with a otc ua and positive drank this peed once waited retested again and negative i think spike is on to something they dont realize or my other theory god had my back it was one of the two

  17. I am closing this post to discussions because the level of discourse is dropping even further.

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