The Coming Robots

Robots are coming, we just won’t pay them much attention. Slashdot reports on two robot stories:

The first (I’ll set aside my skepticism on the Global Warming nonsense)….

“According to UK and U.S. researchers, it should be possible to fight the global warming effects associated with an increase of dioxide levels by using autonomous cloud-seeding ships to spray salt water into the air. This project would require the deployment of a worldwide fleet of 1,500 unmanned ships to cool the Earth even if the level of carbon dioxide doubled. These 300-tonne ships ‘would be powered by the wind, but would not use conventional sails[…]

…and this

[…] the open-source centric Willow Garage project (last mentioned on Slashdot early last year), which is making progress in creating helpful humanoid robots for household use.

Personally, I want an affordable set (to swarm) of robots to clean my floors, rugs, windows, and walls non stop. I would like them to fetch things for me when I am sick, tired, or just lazy. I wouldn’t mind an aesthetic robot either (as long as it has a remote control with a mute button). Roomba is getting there. I want more, though, and I want to pay less. It would be nice if Milwaukee was trying to get in on this….entrepreneurship-wise.

These robots won’t look like Gort either. That would be creepy.

In the Future: “Would you like a cold beverage, Mr. Purpleslog?”
“Why yes Gort, I would. Now, please stop staring at me.”

Update: Here is a better picture of Gort.

2 Responses

  1. Robots are on their way. Technology is growing.
    If you’re wondering how construction is coming along, cameras are becoming more practical and construction firms are using them to achieve greater project efficiency and control. By implementing webcams, companies can reduce delays by bridging the gaps between executives, field staff, and clients. Visit:

  2. Thanks for the link. I have been looking into IP based (wired and wireless) surveillance cameras for another project.

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