I’ll repeat what I have written in the past about 9/10/2001 and 9/11/2001:

I paraphrased the war plan the USA should use to my parents:

Track down the terrorist and kill them and their families. Find their support network and kill them and their families. Find their financiers – turn some of them – kill the rest along with their families. Find the possible state sponsors and be prepared to destroy those nations. Be prepared to fight Islam (I never thought anybody but Islamic forces were behind the attack). Be prepared to fight long and hard with periods of quiet. Be prepared for deception operations to disrupt the US. I had tears because I was not sure my nation was up to it any longer and I wasn’t sure anybody would fight with us (I feared most of out “Allies” might sit this one out) – and because I didn’t think there would be a role for me.


The war goes on, the fight goes on. The West is facing a 21st conflict with many forces mostly “Islamofascism” from the Arab/Islamic world. The West is not fully committed to the war. Many inside the West really don’t want to win – so twisted with self-hate they have become.

I believe the US will win the war eventually. In this I have almost no doubt. Hopefully, the US and the West will become strong practitioners of 4GW and slowly contain, disrupt, marginalize and destroy the Forces of Islamofascism while they shrink away to nothingness. I don’t care if this is from globalization side-effects, active gap-shrinking, offensive war, or an unexpected (but needed) democratic/modernizing Islamic reformation.

My fear is that the islamofascists will acquire nuclear or strong biochem weapons and capability to use them against the West. I expect the Arab/Islamic world bonded together by Islam – the major source of misery and wasted human capital in the Arab/Islamic world – will erupt in cheers and celebrations for the mass murder of US citizens or Western citizens. Then we will have no choice but to act to destroy Arab/Islamic civilization. It is this that I want the US to avoid, if we can.

I stand by the above assessment.

Readers of my blog will know I am interested in 5GW. That interest came around partially in looking for others to fight 4GW then with just more 5GW. So, add 5GW and Influence Warfare into the mix of options.

Does the USA (and it allies) have the fill to maintain the fight? The War remains; the outcome is not certain…

Update: Michelle Malkin has a good roundup of the related.

Update: One of my sisters has before and after photos.

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  2. Never forget 9-11…

    It’s now at least 7 years since the disaster…

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