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    Tactical Deployment of a Network Sniffer

    SlashDot – “LordApathy” – commenter says:

    I’ve got 3 fucking servers in my system room that nobody knows what they hell they are for. The are all running 2.4 kenels so they are as old as the fucking hills. Nobody knows what the passwds are to get into them so I can’t log in and find out what they do. And naturally the previous systems administrator that installed them didn’t document shit.

    The only thing that is known about them is they used to do something important just nobody remembers what it was. Management is to afraid that they might still be doing something important and won’t let me yank them out to find out what they do. So while management sits there with their collective heads up their collective asses these three servers sit there taking up space in my racks on my network.

    Son, that’s what network sniffers are for. Some are even free.

    Here is a lesson for all of you Computer Systems Administrators (or Network Engineers, or Security Engineers or whatevers) that is right out an instructional film. When faced with unusual technical questions don’t fold up: improvise, adapt, and overcome using the tools you do have – including your brain – in interesting and unusual ways.

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