There are sick f*cks on the web

Here is a screenshot of a recent keyword search somebody used to get to my blog:

What kind of sick fuck would want to hurt or watch the hurting of these wonderful creatures?


2 Responses

  1. From a policy perspective, we should ask what causes these people to behave as they do, and do we want to keep this kind of person around?

    My assumption is the answer to the first is heavily biological in nature, and the second is “no.”

    We’re not too far away from ending sociopathy as a common phenotype, if we choose to.

  2. I am waiting for that time.

    I know it is science fiction-y,and people get scared with the idea and throw out the spectre of totalitarian eugenics.

    I think though there are things we can all agree on should weeded out of the human race if we can do so.

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