Finally, a computer fast enough to play Civ4…

…with a full map and maxed number of Civ is here:

“‘Microsoft and Cray are set to unveil on September 16 the Cray CX1, a compact supercomputer running Windows HPC Server 2008. The pair is expected to tout the new offering as “the most affordable supercomputer Cray has ever offered,” with pricing starting at $25,000.’ Although this would be the lowest cost hardware ever offered by Cray, it would also be the most expensive desktop ever offered by Microsoft.”

Feel free to PayPal me, if you are so inclined, so I may play the greatest computer game ever as it was meant to be played.

Please help fund my addiction

2 Responses

  1. Cool.. I hope Cray might be able to set Microsoft straight technically programming by holding them (Microsoft) to a higher standard on programming an OS for their (Cray’s) hardware. [At least that is my interpretation from reading the blurb and not the article. Or it could be just another piece of hardware upon which to BSOD :(. Due to [more often than not] times that I waste waiting for virus scans and windows updates running in the background, I loose work productivity and increase frustration. While these tools might be able to work in the background, they significantly slow down the interface to a point of waiting a minute or more for a response to a point and click on the desktop. The slowdowns increase the cost of the current operating system to a point where I consider the Microsft OS the most expensive OS already. While upgrading hardware to meet the actual OS requirements might fix the problem, said solution works against business needs. The best utilization of an IT budget is to buy hardware and make it last as long as possible. If a supplier blocks that possibility, then it is time to move on to the next supplier. While IT could schedule those tasks at different time, we are supposed to turn our computers off every night…for security.

  2. The old CrayOS was unix-y.

    I do use a XP PC at home currently. When its time has come, I am going back to the MAC:

    1) When I am in business or easy user mode it has a great easy to use interface

    2) When I put on my techie hat, it is a native unix workstation.

    3) It can still emulate a Windows PC if I really need it to.

    I would prefer to use the 2 button mouse. That is the only advantage of Widows over MacOS

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