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    Munzenberg Commented Promoted: “What leftists need is an example set for them where Islam attacks one of their precious tenets.”

    Munzeberg wrote as a comment:

    What leftists need is an example set for them where Islam attacks one of their precious tenets. Women’s rights is a classic one. This would have to happen on a long time scale and would be of their own doing i.e. letting Islam becoming a major force in a western country. I’m thinking a country in Western Europe would suffice.

    Once the iron fist came down they’d be running around trying to start a “revolution” against Islam. Note that this is a historical pattern. In fact the recipe is:

    (1) Hardcore cadre of leftists call for revolution against some idea/entity that doesn’t live up to their ideals.

    (2) Quick, or gradualist, revolution occurs (or it doesn’t and they go back to point one).

    (3) Society doesn’t turn out the way it should after the revolution (BUT THE PAMPHLETS SAID THERE WOULD BE A UTOPIAN PARADISE!).

    (4) Hard core cadre return to point one and disclaim new society as not a “true” utopia (”aye, but he’s not a true scotsman!”).

    The problem is, hard-core leftists are millenarians (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millenarianism), insofar as they believe they can enact a revolution to bring forth their glorious egalitarian utopia, so there really isn’t much you can do to change their minds, as they have a religious mindset. It is also no surprise that the original communist league was founded by christians and utopian socialists (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_the_Just).

    So what can been done?

    The best you could do is force ideological infighting between the various groups within the left, which there are plenty someone could exploit e.g. class activists versus identity activists, support for Islam versus women’s rights etc. etc.

    I remember seeing a protest photo on some site ages ago where there were two older female Palestinian activists watching in shock as two unclothed male hippies with enlarged penises and body mods walked passed them.

    That’s the type of ideological fault lines someone should be exploiting.

    I’ve written too much, but I’ll bring up a point I’ve always thought … years ago there was that “corporation as a psychopath” metaphor that came from a documentary. If corporations as a group are psychopaths, then the left as a group are schizophrenics: too many ideological faultlines that at a fundamental outline just won’t get along with each other.

    I think there may be a 4GW (more influence war her, I don’t mean guerrilla warfare) approach here, but that perhaps the left is too intertwined into US Institutions for a domestic 4GW to have a high probability of success. Also, would anti-Left domestic 4GWers has the patience to outlast the left? The American left has been going strong for century, they are not ready to give up yet.

    So, that leaves a domestic 5GW approach. I have been building to a post on this for sometime, but it is still a bit into the future before I write it. I don’t want it sound naive, for me to sound like a crank, or for the plan to not be feasible.

    Indeed, they do suck.

    2 Responses

    1. For some European countries the concept of a separate Sharia system of law within an otherwise western culture isn’t at all that far fetched given the apparent inability to assimilate Islamic immigrants. A large and organized enough counterculture is as likely as not to establish a legal system that supercedes the host nation and is more agreeable to their ideals.

      It’s worth noting that Canada has allowed Islamic tribunals to settle non-criminal matters and both Canada and the US allow Beth Din, a similar Jewish form of communal justice.

      I particularly like Munz’s attribution of leftist breathless sense of revolution to that of millenarianism. The irony of this accurate description in light if the generally scathing disregard leftists have of religion (i.e. Christianity) is particularly comical.

    2. Sharia (Islamic Law) cannot co-exists with English common law and the American Legal System.

      Islamic practitioners will pretend that is so until they reach 30+% of the population then the fight is on to adopt Sharia.

      Islam is perhaps the largest source of misery and wasted human capital in the world today.

      I see no reason to allow it to sneak one more step into society.

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