Using Free Blogs to pass coded messages?

Somebody seems to be doing so.

I have a screencap:


This is an example of secure communication over unsecure mediums. Deadrops are not needed as much anymore. Who knows what this about?

Can anybody recognize the language used in the comments?

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  1. How did you find this blog? (Or did it find you?)

    If they are using code, there is a name for that three number code they are using, but it eludes me at the moment (tricode? or something similar?).

    It is similar to the five number/letter number stations (

    There have been a fair few on the net over the years e.g.

  2. Also gotta wonder why they are using natural language (tagalog?) alongside the supposed codes.

    Makes it easier to break.

  3. It’s lottery numbers

  4. Kinda like a John Nash moment there.


  5. Heh thanks Munz.

    I had hit the “next” jsut to see some random blogs and I got this one.

    I started looking at its wierdness. I flashed nack to some seminars on secure communication over unsecure mediums and got a bit excited (it was a boring day at work).

  6. Now we play the waiting game for the owner of said lottery blog to come here, tear off his mask, and we find out it is old man whithers – the blog janitor.

    ” … and i would have got away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling bloggers”.

  7. muzenberg, gud day to u! what u’ve found is a 3 digit philippine lotto probable numbers, its a 3 draws a day game with a prize of 4,500 pesos per unit @ 10.00 pesos a unit.

  8. purpleslog: the langguage i’m using in this blog is VISAYAN…its about the probable #s of the philippine 3 digit lotto. wanna bet? the price per unit if it hits is 4,500 pesos @ 10.00 pesos a unit. u can purchase as much as a thousand units if u want to.

  9. Thanks for the info Graf.

    I’ll pass on the lotto.


  10. ur welcome, purpleslog.

  11. […]… […]

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