Influence Warfare related: “How do we puncture the glamour of Jihadi terrorism?”

Virginia Postel has an interesting post in another blog Deep Glamour that is related to thinking about Influence Warfare in which she ask the question “How do we puncture the glamour of Jihadi terrorism?” which is near the center (or at least the center of gravity) of the Long War Against Islamofascism (I think that is the term I will use from now on).

So, is being a terrorist thought of as glamorous?

The left certainly thinks so, just look at the style cult built around mass murder Che Guervara or of all the PLO-inspired terror scarves:

Those folks are mostly “useful Idiots”, supporters of terror. They are hindrance to our efforts (and mentally frustrating/distracting at times), but they are not for the most part becoming terrorist themselves (though some like moron/terrorist-wannabee Rachel Corrie try to, RIH).

Since this is mostly fashion or social-ware,perhaps the best thing to do would be a combination of two things:

1) Ridicule and Mockery (think this or this)

2) Stern Finger Pointing or Calling them (“Hey you, nothing says cool better then having that killer’s face on your shirt”)

Other suggestions?

3 Responses

  1. I think you’re over rating the importance of anything glamorous, and hipsters in general.

    And I think Quaida “conduct” during the Iraq was has punctured their glamour in the Muslim world, or it certainly seems so anyway.

  2. I hope so Steve.

    I think most the west (especially the young in college or soon to be) are not really following the stuff. Many just get their info from MTV News, MoveOn and The Daily Show.

  3. I am really glad you brought this up. Marc Sageman has written about Jihadi “cool”. More people should listen to him. His books are spot on.

    Modern day jihadis and internet terrorists are really nothing more than Columbine’s trenchcoat mafia Klebold and Harris types dressed up in ninja outfits and ski masks. They are usually outcasts who never feel like they fit in, hence the attraction by al-qaeda to recruit ostricized European Muslims.
    The key is to use their atrocities against them and separate them from regular Islam… Oh yes, and point out constantly that they are douchebags.

    Speaking of douchebags, I am working on a communist propaganda blog by researching influence operations aka active measures undertaken by the KGB and Stasi, I have a whole bunch of posts to make in the future… slowly but surely

    my political one is


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