Favorites List: 2007-2008 TV Season

With the 2008-2009 TV season starting, I thought I would quickly list my faves for the previous year in no particular order:

The new shows where –>

The Middleman
Fighting Evil So You Don’t Have To!
A second season please for this Sci-Fi/Spy/Fanboy action-comedy! BTW, all the episodes are on-line.

Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles
It looks good and the story built nicely over the short first season. The ensemble nature of the cast is what works.

It was an interesting science fiction show reminiscent of Quantum Leap, but much better. I believe it has been canceled so we will never know how good this show could have become. I first watched it because the lead was a lead in Rome.

The is a detective story with an unusual lead. He had been wrongly convicted of murder. In his post-release lawsuit after spending many years in jail, besides millions of dollars he sued to be re-instated. So, he is a bit of an oddball. The re-occurring back story who framed him and why. I first watched this partially because the lead was a lead in Band of Brothers playing Dick Winters.

Pushing Daisies
This weird/good fantasy looks good, is acted well,and has great dialogue. It also always leaves me with a taste for pie.


A computer geek washout working at a Best Buy clone falls into espionage adventure. It all works for me: funny characters, cute girls, good actions, fun dialogue and a fanboy-ish lead.

The Big Bang Theory
I laugh at all the jokes and see my friends in all the characters.

The returning shows –>

South Park
The is still the funniest show on TV…and politically the smartest.

Last season was great. There is nothing else like this on TV.

How I met Your Mother
I just like this show. It is fun and funny. It doesn’t insult my intelligence either like most sit-coms (which I generally hate).

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Absurdest humor. No life lessons to be learned. This is the anti-sitcom.

Battlestar Galactica
One season to go! I think Boxy (shown in the mini-series and season 1) is the unknown Cylon.

I like the dialogue, mysteries, and characters. I look forward to this every week.

Redeye with Greg Gutfeld
The only late-night show I watch. I actually tape it an watch it in the evenings since I can’t stay up late anymore.

There are enough good TV shows nowadays, I don’t see to many movies anymore (which seem to be dropping in quality anyways).

I hope the writers drag out for several episode whatever plotline for Ziva requires her to dress like this on NCIS

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