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Dumbass Budget for Milwaukee Proposed by Mayor Barrett

The details are here.

My browser crashed on my first try at this, so this will be much briefer.

Mayor Barrett like all good socialists, wants a much bigger budget and tax increases.

If he can’t get it, he threatens to do things like reducing police and fire positions, library hours and garbage/refuse collection.

What is interesting is that he doesn’t consider cutting things like:

– Bureaucrats
– Reducing City Attorneys and adding more paralegals
– Reducing “business” inspectors (really just anti-business thugs dispatched by city hall against business that fight the urban planners
– reducing aldermanic districts from 15 to 10
– all of the “assistant” managers to managers (unlike the business world)

I went through the budget, but I won’t go through it again since I lost all of those notes in the browser crash.

The new budget request included things like pay raises ranging from 7% to 45% for certain employees (especially higher ups) and above average pay raises for most members of the Mayor’s staff.

Even the CIO got a big pay raise – even with the budget PDF being a shitty scanned printout PDF (text not selectable).

Milwaukee City Budget needs to concentrate on a few things and drop the rest:

1) Public Safety (Police, Fire, and Public Health)
2) Business and Entrepreneurship support
3) Infrastructure support (roads – including pothole filling activity, Port of Milwaukee, Garbage, and public libraries)

Everything else is gravy and should be handled through voluntary civic foundations and social groups (perhaps with some City grantsa in fat years)

This is the best looking picture of the Mayor I
could find…for obvious reasons.

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