WordPress Template Change?

I am thinking of changing to this template. What do you all think? I’ll loose the header graphic, but overall, I think space on the blog will be used better. I might experiment around with other wordpress.com templates over the weekend.


7 Responses

  1. Both are nice. I’ve grown used to the top-photo of Milwaukee, though. 🙂

  2. Clean and to the point. I like it, but you should experiment a bit. And the banner is a striking sort in your original template.

  3. I guess I do want to keep the banner (even if smaller). I have a test blog I will play with.

  4. UbWar (http://ubiwar.com/2008/09/23/in-with-the-new-ubiwar-revamp/) has just switched to the template. I like it, but I do want a photo banner of some sort still.

  5. I’m using the earlier one, rather than the revised version. If you go for a CSS upgrade, you might be able to slip in a header …

  6. I’ve created a priivate wordpress blog and imported the regular purpleslog blog into it. I will play around with some different templates on it.

  7. I’ve gone through all of the current templates with my test blog, and I am not going to switch. I will check new templates as they come out. But for now, I will keep the blog look-and-feel as is.

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