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    I am not live blogging the debate (well maybe a little), but Greg Gutfeld is…



    McCain seems a bit slow.

    WTF? A get well shoutout to Red Ted by McCain?

    8:12pm. I am bored. I am checking my bloglines now during the debate.

    8:17pm I have one classic Schlitz left. I think I will break it open tonight. Good on McCain speaking out on earmarks…but he doesn’t sound eloquent right now.

    8:23 Obama pretty much just said markets suck.

    8:40 My browser crashed again (Firefox 3.0.2)

    8:44 Obama is sticking to his guns (bad metaphor) on Iraq.

    8:45 Zinger #1: “I’m afraid Sen. Obama doesn’t understand the difference between a tactic and a strategy”.

    Hey…no flag-pin on McCain!

    8:49 Firefox 3.03 is now out also. Yet another upgrade.

    9:34 I have been watching from my couch drinking my Schlitz. I think McCain has done well, bit no knockout. Obama has held his own.

    I am going to watch the rest of this from bed and then go to sleep.

    9:35 WTF!!!! Obama just invoked his communist father as some sort of African Ragged Dick American wannabee! My god!

    9:38 Ok, its over. It wasn’t too boring. Not bad as far as debates go.

    3 Responses

    1. Lol. Sounds like I didn’t miss much in missing that debate. I’ll catch the encore tomorrow on my very “favorite” cable news channel, MSNBC.

    2. I thought it was awful boring.

      Nothing new was said.

      Both candidates did nothing but quibble about details rather than express visions. I hate repetition of tired criticism, I got it the first time, I don’t need it a fifth time.

      My impression. Both of these guys showed themselves to be ‘politicians’ rather than ‘leaders’. I hate politicians. Politicians only exist to keep themselves in their position (or one more level higher). Politicians perpetuate a bad system because it keeps them where they are. They won’t do anything unless it is ‘popular’ or gets them elected. They are more concened with their ‘base’ or a specific subset group of the electorate that ‘turns out the vote’. They don’t do anything substantial for me or any other of the American people unless it benefits themselves. Politicians are worthless.

      Leaders get things done. Leaders have vision and act upon it even if it isn’t in thier own best interest. Leaders make hard decisions that may not be popular but make things better in the long run, and if they don’t they admit they were wrong, then work to correct the error. Leaders themselves may not be popular but usually are respected.

      I don’t expect to always agree with my President, but I want a President I can respect. I want a leader to be my President.

      Sorry about the rant.

    3. Arherring, that was a pretty good comment (more proof that you need your own wordpress blog).

      I didn’t even think of the points you raised.

      I liked the format because there was more interaction then in previous years debates.

      YOu are rioght though, there no questions of discussions of grand vision, principles and belief. Those are the sort of thing that should allow us to predict the candidates reactions to unknown/unpredicted events.

      The candidates are partially to blame for this.

      So is the moderator. The moderator should have started by framing a question to allow the canduiates to express their vision, grand strategy, core beiliefs.

      I would also have liked to have seen something about the national security governing process that candidates would have chosen.

      In retrospect, I would have liked to have seen question of the future direction of the armed forces (NCW/China focused vs 4GW/COIN) and what that would mean in term s of people, ideas, and technology.

      I would like to have know how they will approach influence warfare.

      Much more could have been covered. Maybe it would have been better to have them sitting at a table, with a cup or coffee or a soda and talk for 90 minutes, with a 20 minute break and then another 90 minutes. An audience would get ancy, so just do it in a studio with a minimal or no audience.

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