I fell asleep during the VP debate

I will finish watching it off tape tonight and maybe blog something then.

5 Responses

  1. I read about a third of JRR Tolkein’s “The Lost Road” (with notes from Christopher Tolkein), then went to sleep early.

  2. Biden did well as expected.

    Palin didn’t crash and burn (as feared/expected).

    No gaffs except Palin refered to the US/NATO commander in Afganistan as General McClellan instead of McKiernan. Considering most Americans couldn’t have gotten that close and didn’t even notice until a pundit piointed it out I don’t see that as a big deal.

    Biden didn’t even call her on it.

    You didn’t miss anything.

  3. I watched about an hour before I drifted off on the couch. I was reading Toffler’s “Wealth” book while watching.

  4. As Arherring said you missed little. And it certainly wasn’t a debate. And Palin certainly did little to convince me she’s fit for the job.

  5. I watched the rest of it. Palin did fine. Biden did fine.

    Palin best moment: Calling out the Obama plan as the “White Flag of Surrender”.

    Best Biden moment…only one major mistake. He thinks Hezbollah has been driven from Lebanon. I have no ideas why he is considered a foreign policy expert.

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