On “The Bailout”, Part 9: Mark From Texas at TDAXP: Brilliant!

I hope TDAXP is okay with me hijacking a comment from his site. Here is the comment:

If our political class thought that we were really facing a financial crisis that would soon cause massive damage to the economies of the United States and the world, they would not have to be bribed into passing a bill that would stave off, or at least mitigate that disaster, with all manner of pork earmarks. Also, they would refrain from playing political gotcha until the bill had been passed and signed into law.

Since our political class is not behaving that way, and they have access to better information than I do, I must assume that either they don’t think it is a crisis or that do not care about the wellbeing of the United States. Of course, they might just be too stupid to understand the dire warnings that their staff are giving them but joking aside, it usually requires some minimum level of competence and intelligence to get elected to Congress as well as some level of concern that triggering a new Great Depression would be bad for reelection prospects.

TDAXP Commenter Mark From Texas is brilliant. It is for comments like that above that I read blogs.


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