The Coming Dark Days

The American Left is getting in the mode for what is to come in January.

Smitten Eagle has a post with videos of what they are even doing to the you. Disgusting.

Dark Days are ahead for my country. The forces of the left are rising and have become the default narrative.

Here is what I thought of seeing those videos.

Others have made similiar comparisons on youtube:

Our Dumbass 60’s hippies-turned-soft-maoist are coming to power. Dark Days are ahead.

4 Responses

  1. You know who has been spot on with this? Even though he’s blogged for a short time. Mencius Moldbug. There was a recent post too, summing up his thoughts here. The summation of his thoughts make him sound borderline conspiratorial and ‘John Birchy’, yet when you read posts like this, I think to myself that he is onto something.

  2. The two interesting parts of the summed up version of Moldbug’s thoughts are:

    (1) The civil service controls the government, which is funny considering the British made fun of the same thing in the TV show ‘Yes, Minister’.

    (2) The use of underclass criminals as the paramilitary wing of leftists, which sounds bizarre at first, but if you delve into the literature there are heaps of far left individuals who support this view. One book, which reads like a hagiography on criminals, is Hobsbawm’s Bandits (the author himself a former communist), which sees bandits as the ‘people’s champions’.

  3. Doesn’t MM endorse Obama? Or was that tongue-in-cheek?

    His blog is most interesting:

    I have been onto his Universalist theory for some time:

    He certainly has his own worldview and there is a clever logic too it.

    I think I will review his stuff with new eyes.

    I will check out the book Bandits too.

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